Community Ropeshare

  • Hosted by LessDeadStudio
  • Poughkeepsie, NY -
  • 10 people on the list-

Are you curious about rope? Or have you been surrounded by rope for decades? Do you want to explore rope bondage in a chill social setting geared towards creating community? Or just a rope nerd in need of a hard-point?

If you answered yes to any of this, Welcome to our Community Ropeshare. Hosted by a local rope devotee with experience at multiple ropeshares in the region, it’s intended as a low-key way to mingle and practice the muscle memory that is so vital to consistent tying, whether as rigger or rope bunny.

Come and get tangled up in rope at our new gathering! With a focus on Labbing, Learning, and Community, it is a chance to meet other Knotty Nerds. Just as rope can run the gamut from platonic to sexy, soothing to sadistic, or sceney to labby, we want to welcome everyone across the spectrum to our sharing group. A great rope instructor once said, “Everyone is deserving of rope.”

This ropeshare is open to all experience levels of rope enthusiasts, be it newcomers or veterans. There will be a Rope 101 Lesson available to anyone interested, the opportunity to learn and practice tying or being tied, or you can just stop by to hang out and make some friends within the community.

This is a free, ticketless event. Donations appreciated 💜

Please note that you must complete the screening process to get the address. If it is your first time with us, please email and be sure to check your spam folder.

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