Conscious Cannabis Journey (Online)

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An online cannabis-assisted, body-focused mindfulness practice to support healing and transformation.

In this 4-hour ONLINE group journey, you’ll learn how to use cannabis-assisted, body-focused mindfulness practices to support your healing, creative problem solving, and personal growth.

We begin with an introduction to the experience, a brief tutorial on mindful journeywork practices and intention setting. When we begin the circle, participants will imbibe cannabis with intention and then relax into a guided body scan and then enter into two music sets to evoke a deep internal experience for healing.

This psychedelic cannabis event is appropriate both for those new to psychedelics and regular cannabis users and will surprise and delight more experienced psychonauts.

This transformational journey is what you make of it. Take some time before the event to set your intentions.

What do you want to let go of? What do you want to bring in?

This practice may help you with:

  • Clearing energetic blocks and difficult past experiences
  • Reconnecting with purpose
  • Unlocking creativity
  • Profound connection with the body and mind
  • Building resilience and gaining new tools for self-soothing and resourcing
  • Able to release big emotions (grief, anger, sadness, fear, shame)
  • Exploring and expanding consciousness

*Advance registration required.

Next steps

After reserving your spot, please go to You must be 21 or older and complete a self safety questionnaire and participation agreement.

If you have any questions email

About Your Guide

Jordan Wolan is a hypnotherapist and cannabis assisted psychedelic therapy guide based in Los Angeles. She is certified with Medicinal Mindfulness in Boulder, Colorado as a guide to lead cannabis assisted meditation journeywork. For more information email

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Jordan Wolan fully complies with all local California State Cannabis laws. We are a harm reduction, mindfulness service and education company. We do not promote illegal activities or provide resources for obtaining illegal substances or illegal psychedelic psychotherapy services. Mindfulness Based Psychedelic Therapy is not psychotherapy although it works well as an adjunct support. Jordan Wolan does not provide or sell cannabis for any aspect of our program and is not a retailer, supplier, reseller, distributor, agent, representative or subcontractor of any cannabis supplier or retailer. As a psychedelic harm reduction program we do not support the misuse or abuse of Cannabis, any other drug or psychedelic medicine. Nor do we believe that Cannabis or psychedelic medicine exploration, even within the confines of applicable laws, is appropriate or beneficial for everyone.