Core Masculine Skills - Warrior Training for Men

What does it take to win as a man today? Learn the 3 key skills you must embody to bring potency and presence your masculine!

The journey to becoming a truly empowered and grounded man begins here – welcome to Core Masculine Skills, a powerful warrior training designed to unleash your true potential.

Discover the Power of Grounding:

Grounding is the cornerstone of this transformative experience. It connects you to your body's innate intelligence, infusing you with stability and profound presence in every aspect of your life. Embrace this essential practice to attract and maintain deep connections with the feminine, as they seek the strength of a grounded man.

Brotherhood and Badassery Await:

Join our short, efficient, and impactful recorded training where you'll delve into the 2 other Core Masculine Skills alongside Grounding. Together, these skills pave the way for genuine triumph with women and the world, elevating you to new heights of masculine power.

Who's Invited?

This training is for any man seeking to embrace his masculine essence, attracting loving relationships and adding value to himself and his community. Women in our community often ask, "Where are the masculine men?" – this is your chance to rise and be recognized.

How it Works:

Upon registration, you'll receive an email with the recorded class – immerse yourself in the teachings from the comfort of your space. For optimal practice, a zafu/meditation cushion is recommended, though a chair will suffice.

What Awaits You:

Mastery of the 3 Core Masculine Skills

Practical embodiment practices

Brotherhood and a supportive community of conscious men

Connections with conscious women seeking the presence of strong, grounded men

Enhanced self-empowerment and passionate relationships

Are You Ready? Say YES if:

You yearn to show up as a fully grounded man

You seek a better definition of masculinity beyond societal norms

You desire vibrant and fulfilling relationships

Sovereignty and agency are your aspirations

Conscious connections with like-minded men and women call to you

You're eager to explore the magnetic interplay of masculine and feminine energies


"Grateful for working with Guy. Grounding and creating a protective container has transformed my interactions with women. Guy's teachings are both practical and profound." - Shri (Boston, MA)

"Guy's mastery of tantra and more is evident in his teachings. I highly recommend his workshop for any man seeking self-improvement." - Jud (Miami, FL)

"This journey will strengthen you in every aspect of life. Embrace this rite of passage to become the best version of yourself." - Vince (New York, NY)

"Finding my masculinity is crucial amidst life's challenges. This group came into my life at the perfect moment." - Joseph O.

Step into your power and embark on a transformative adventure with Core Masculine Skills. Your path to authentic masculinity begins now.

You're in the right place if you answer YES to any of these:

  • I want to show up more fully and solid as a man.
  • I know there's something better out there than what I've seen in terms of what a man is "supposed" to be.
  • I want to have more exciting and passionate relationships!
  • I want to have more sovereignty and agency in my life!
  • I want to meet other likeminded and conscious men, and discover a community of conscious women too!
  • I want to learn about masculine and feminine polarity and how to use that to create juicier relationships!

Here is what other men have said about Guy's men's work:

  • "So grateful for working with Guy. I’ve learned how to be grounded and create a container. These concepts sound abstract but have to be felt to be understood. They are also very practical and already created a big impact on the women in my life who feel safe and protected around me. " -Shri (Boston, MA)
  • "Go with Guy, he mastered tantra and more. He has the ability to share this knowledge of masculine depth with patience and sensitivity. Every man should attend his workshop to be a better man in every area of life." -Jud (Miami, FL)
  • "This will be a truly amazing and unique journey for you. You'll come out on the other side with deeper understanding of yourself, being a man, understanding women and what they want and ultimately will build a stronger version of yourself to go out and get what you want in this world. Highly, highly recommended this course as a rite of passage to all men who want to be the best version of themselves." -Vince (New York, NY)
  • "With the challenges in my life so strong, searching for my masculinity is even more important. This group has come around right when I needed it." -Joseph O.

Facilitated By

Guy Shahar is the Co-Founder and Lead Facilitator of The Tantra Institute, and the originator of Tantra Speed Date. An Elite Certified Tantra Educator (Level 5), he has studied a broad range of modalities including Tantra, BDSM, Orgsmic Meditation, Morehouse, ISTA, Chuluaqui Quodoushka and others.

A writer, entrepreneur, former filmmaker, and musician, Guy is attuned not only to his personal journey in being a more interconnected lover, but about how to teach others to do the same.

Through his work with Tantra Speed Date, he helps to heal the rift between the masculine and feminine, showing singles how to relate to each other in a new and loving way. Over 450 Tantra Speed Date events have occurred in 30+ cities, including internationally in the UK, Canada and The Netherlands since 2017.

With numerous television appearances as well as features in Playboy, Cosmopolitan, Time Out New York, San Francisco Chronicle, The Sunday Times, and the New Yorker, The Tantra Institute has presented over 1,500 workshops in 30 cities, led by 22 facilitators, serving more than 15,000 students.

His decades of real-world experience, combined with inner work to move through personal trauma, has established him as at the forefront of sacred sexuality and intimacy.

Video testimonials from Guy's more advanced courses: