Create The Sex Life You’ve Always Desired In This Couples Retreat

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* Deeper Connection * Orgasmic Intimacy * Satisfying S*x * A live workshop for couples who are ready to explore intimacy together.

* Deeper Connection * Orgasmic Intimacy * Satisfying S*x *

Come with me and explore your Erotic Blueprint at this special place in Chester, CT.

My name is Elizabeth Carrington, and I’m a Certified Erotic Blueprint™ Coach.

My mission is to help you create a life-changing experience in a safe space, allowing you to connect more deeply with your partner.

A Rich S*x Life Inspires A Deeply Fulfilling Life.

  • Do you feel like your sex life is okay but you want to take it to the next level?
  • What if you could have the intimacy that you’ve always longed for?
  • Are you longing to increase your confidence or fulfillment in bed?
  • Do you want to know the secrets of a deeply satisfying intimate relationship?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions...

I understand, because I’ve been there. I spent much of my life shut down around my sexual expression, feeling unfulfilled and hopeless. I didn’t know how to find more joy and fulfillment in sex, even though I knew in my heart of hearts it was possible.

I thought my partner and I could easily co-create a beautiful sex life together (after all, we loved each other deeply), so it should be easy, right? I saw quickly that wasn’t true. Questions swirled around my head:

Why can’t I have the amazing sex life I heard others talking about?

Is there something wrong with me?

Is my partner satisfied?

I desperately needed a map and nobody seemed to have one. I tried many different avenues and experiences, and nothing changed.

Until I Discovered The Erotic Blueprints.

Then, Everything Changed.

Within One Weekend, I Had Immediate Access To More Pleasure, and Permission to Own My Needs and Desires.

And I Want That For You, Too.

Three years ago, I carefully crafted a weekend retreat focused on the most intimate - and arguably the most important - part of your relationship…

Your Sex Life.

You’re going to love this!

Learn how to play again.

Here’s A Snapshot Of This Couples Retreat:

  • Explore the 5 Erotic Blueprints and learn which one drives your sexual expression
  • Become a more confident, sophisticated lover
  • Bridge the gap in sexual miscommunication by understanding how you and your partner are uniquely wired
  • Learn how to communicate your turn-ons and turn-offs without blaming your partner
  • Reignite your curiosity, sense of exploration, and playfulness in the bedroom
  • Experience a new level of clarity in your sexuality and a deep acceptance of your desires

Early Registration Bonus:

Early Registration Bonus: The first four couples that sign up will receive a super hot gift: a 15 minute "Pleasure Attunement Session", Identifying your key blocks to pleasure and intimacy. This session will bring clarity and insight on how to unblock your sexual expression so you can get the maximum benefit in this weekend retreat.

Want to sign up? I'm happy to chat with you to see if you're a good fit.

Book your 15 minute call here:

Ready To Hear More About The Retreat?

The Erotic Blueprints™ offer 5 distinct maps to learning what turns you on and brings you erotic fulfillment. We all have a unique Erotic Blueprint. In this workshop, you’ll discover yours and your partner’s …

Knowing my primary Blueprint helped me realize my sexual desires and how to express them to my partner. Also, I learned how to appreciate my partner’s unique desire and wishes in a whole new and playful way.

You can too.

When I found the Erotic Blueprints, all the stagnancy I had been experiencing disappeared. I suddenly had more creativity, more awareness, and more ideas than ever about how to create a vibrant, juicy sex life for myself.

This weekend provides an opportunity to experience a safe space of wonder and newfound pleasure – away from your habitual patterns and comfort zone.

Ready to join us?

I'm happy to chat with you to see if you're a good fit.

Book your 15 minute call here:

This Is The Sex Education You Never Received But Always Wanted.

Read what others have to say about this workshop:

“Before this course I felt linear in my approach and understanding of sexuality and intimacy and now I have been opened up to a bigger understanding of how deep sexuality can be and have a better vocabulary to express and explain my needs and desires.” --Zach

“Before this experience I felt inadequate in the arena of sex/intimacy and I didn’t know what I liked or how to be pleasured by my husband. Now I feel positive and am looking forward to exploring sexual intimacy with each other and experiencing more creativity in the bedroom and in my life.” --Cherie

“My husband and I are having more and better connection and intimate sex than we have ever had. I am amazed at the trust we have built this weekend and how much more willing I am to play in ways I’ve never dreamed possible. My years of feeling like a frozen deer are over!” --Jennifer

“It is truly remarkable how far we’ve come in this class--literally from on the fence in our relationship (married 15 years) to a renewed commitment to love, generosity, curiosity and kindness with one another. We are so very, very grateful!” --Howard

“This experience was a rebirthing for me in the realm of pleasure.” --Sandra

We all want a sex life that lights us up and creates the possibility of endless adventure, discovery, and unlimited pleasure.

Come with me … learn, explore, and expand your erotic self!

Remember there is an early registration bonus that will knock your socks off!

With Pleasure,

Elizabeth Carrington, MCC

Elizabeth Carrington, is a Certified Erotic Blueprint™ Coach and Master Certified Coach with twenty-eight years of working in the personal and professional development field. As a lifelong seeker of her own freedom to fully express herself, she finds great joy in assisting people to discover their unique superpowers and to live their most vibrant life.

Fun Fact: Elizabeth spends her time in a naturist community during the summer and relishes the freedom that it brings to every cell of her body.

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