Creating Dynamic Scenes with Master Chris

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Take your bottom on a journey that pleases the senses and ensnares the mind

Class Description:

There are many different types of scenes people can have. Rope scenes, impact scenes, orgasm scenes, interrogation scenes, etc. These are all great in their own unique ways. But what if you could take these to the next level?

Dynamic scenes are scenes that incorporate various types of elements and play to create an incredibly stimulating experience not just for the body, but for the mind as well. Different toys create different sensations and knowing how those toys differ can help Tops create highly enjoyable adventures for their bottoms (by the way that makes them excited to play with you again) and for bottoms to reach new levels of pain and pleasure.

Join Master Chris as he takes you through some of the components that he likes to incorporate into his scenes that get most bottoms smiling and wanting more.

About the Instructor

Master Chris first entered the public scene in 2010 by attending his first public play party at Threshold. After that, he hasn’t looked back. Kink became an integral part of his life and he developed not only an incredible thirst for sadistic pleasure but an interest in power exchange dynamics as well. Now, Chris wants to pay it forward by passing on what he has learned. He loves teaching and it has been a big part of his life both in and outside of kink. He identifies as a Master, Sadist, Daddy, and Top in that order and loves to help others along their journey in whatever way they need.


Where is 910 WeHo?

910 N La Cienega Blvd, Los Angeles 90069

When do the doors open?

Doors will open at 6:45pm. Class will begin promptly at 7pm. We will close doors at 8pm.

Where can I park?

There is street parking, meter parking, and even parking structures within walking distance. We recommend using the residential side streets for free parking, as there are many near our building. If you need special arrangements due to a disability, please contact us at so we can help accommodate you!

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