Cross Stitch 101

  • San Francisco, CA -

Cross Stitch 101 is the perfect class for craft enthusiasts of all ages! Join us on Sun Aug 13 2023 at 11:00 AM for a fun fulled class learning all about cross stitching. We'll be learning three stitches using a simple pattern made to practice the essentials of cross stitch. Once you've finished this class, you'll be fully equipped to tackle cross stitch projects all on your own!

The class will take place in Dolores Park, allowing us to enjoy the sunshine together while we practice this age old craft together. In the span of two hours, you'll have time to learn the essentials and ask all the questions you've got, as well as get resources and ideas for your next projects.

During the class, we'll review all the basics, starting from appropriate materials and where to get them to mastering cross stitch, back stitch, and french knots. All materials you'll need to accomplish the class project will be provided for you! Whether you're a lifelong crafter or brand new to any kind of fiber art, this class is for you. Learn a fun new skill while meeting other crafters and enjoying the nice summer weather! Don't miss out on this fun class!

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