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Join us for a workshop and social experience that invites you to be your authentic self. Expect warmth, kindness and fun!

Cuddle Sanctuary Social is a workshop and social experience that invites people to be their authentic selves. Newcomers are amazed at how relaxed and safe they feel, given that boundaries are not just respected, but celebrated. By the end of this event, people comment that they feel blissed out, content, deeply relaxed, and connected.

What are the Health Guidelines?

Please skip this event if you're feeling "off" or may be contagious. You can cancel and get a refund or credit for a future event. Thanks in advance for taking care of our community!

If you haven't already done so, please fill out our Event Guidelines and Release Form ahead of the event. Might as well do it now!

How Does It Work?

The event begins with a welcome circle, easy relaxation activities, communication exercises and a description of cuddle etiquette. It culminates in a voluntary “cuddle lab”. Touch is always consensual, and never a requirement to participate. At this workshop, you may experience an increased sense of well-being and belonging, a boost in compassion and playfulness, a decrease in blood pressure and a better night’s sleep. The event provides opportunities to meet new friends, connect with partners and pals in a soulful new way and be part of a warm, safe and huggable tribe. And you can leave at any time for any reason if it's not your cup of tea.

What's the Schedule?

1:45 Doors Open

Note: Please be sure to give yourself time to park, arrive and join the opening activities. Doors close at 2:10pm.

2:10 Welcome Circle, Relaxation Exercises, Connection Activities, Cuddle Laboratory

4:40 Closing Circle

What Do I Wear?

Dress in clothes that are comfortable for snuggling. Think soft, cozy pajamas, cotton t shirts, sweatpants, leggings. Tank tops and shorts are ok for warmer weather (and that is the minimum clothing requirement). Feel free to change clothes in the restroom when you arrive. Hygiene is important at cuddles – please be squeaky clean and minty fresh! It’s easier to get close that way. Also, please come free of perfumes, body wash, colognes and cigarette smoke. Some of us have sensitive noses. Thanks!

What Are the Event Guidelines?

These guidelines are like the "etiquette of cuddling." We’ll go over them and answer any questions you may have during the workshop.

-There’s no touch required, and you can change your mind at any time.

-Respect your boundaries and the boundaries of others, ideally with enthusiasm.

-Keep any touch Rated G and use the Ask and Wait Method: If you want to touch someone, ask. Then wait for their answer!

-Respect the confidentiality of others attendees

If you haven't already done so, please fill out our Event Guidelines and Release Form ahead of the event. Might as well do it now!

Where is the Venue?

Laughing Frog Yoga: 12217 Santa Monica Blvd, # 205, Los Angeles, CA 90025. Find us on the top level of a shopping plaza on the northwest corner of Santa Monica Blvd. and Amerst St. - across from Smart and Final.


Follow the underground ramp wich will lead you to two levels of free underground parking. Walk to the center of the lot where you can take the stairs or ride up the elevator to the top floor.

How Much Does It Cost?

Super Early Bird: $45 (until Feb. 10th or until we run out of these tickets, whichever is sooner)

Early Bird: $55

Day of Event: $65

What Do I Bring?

Please bring your water bottle. We'll have water, fruit and healthy snacks.

You are welcome to bring a pillow or blanket – cozy comforters or your favorite stuffed animal.

Feel free to bring a snack. (No alcohol, please.)


Please arrive and remain sober throughout the event. You may find yourself getting a natural high on oxytocin – often called the Hug Hormone.

Getting Up and Down

Our event space is covered with cushions on the floor and most of our exercises are on these cushions. If you are concerned about your ability to get up and down from the floor, please contact me to discuss accommodation at

Who's Leading This Event?

I'm Jean Franzblau – AKA Cuddle Queen Jean , and I'm the Founder of Cuddle Sanctuary which has hosted hundreds of cuddle events since 2014. I've studied facilitation with Cuddle Party and the Association of Talent Development. I've trained with Dr. Betty Martin who teaches the Wheel of Consent and appeared as a cuddle expert on Dr. Phil, BuzzFeed, Keeping Up the Kardashians, The Bachelorette and Rolling Stone. As far as schooling, I graduated cum laude from UCLA with a BA in Communications. I proudly give presentations to universities to teach students about boundaries and consent. You can find my writing in the Consent Guidebook. Find out more at

Got Any Reviews About These Events?

Being immersed in this world, I'm totally biased about my cuddle events! So let these Yelp reviewers do the talking:

“It was hard for me to wrap my head around what a "cuddle" was and why it would "change my life" but that's exactly what happened. As a single mom and full time caregiver for my disabled child, I had truly stopped taking care of me. Coming to these cuddle nights was the best advice I ever took!”

“This place is an amazing, safe, nurturing container for platonic touch and cuddling...It is a very well run program based on respect, consent and connection. Everyone was warm and friendly and I was completely welcome and comfortable. I'm counting the days to my next workshop.”

I'm a Woman or Nonbinary Person - Got Any Tips for Me?

Yes! Here's a guide for attending cuddle events.

I'm Concerned About Gender Balancing - Got Any Advice?

Check out my blog on this very subject for tips, ideas and strategies to make the most of your experience.

Community Guidelines

We welcome you to build friendships outside of Cuddle Sanctuary. Here’s a tip to respect the etiquette of our community. If you ask someone to hang out socially and they say “no thanks,” be gracious and move on. Just like we do during our events.

How Can We Be In Touch?

FB: @ CuddleSanctuary

IG: @CuddleSanctuary

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