Cuddles and Movie Night

  • Sunnyvale, CA -
  • 16 people on the list-

Come cuddle on the couch and watch Galaxy Quest with us!

Potluck dinner and socializing from 5:30 to 7:00. We will start the movie at 7:00.

This is a nonsexual event, but platonic cuddling is welcome. Ask for consent before touching or cuddling with anyone. Say no if someone asks for some form of touch to which you are not a yes.

This event is not posted publicly on Bloom, however, I give blanket consent for anyone invited to share the link with anyone they feel would be a good fit.

My covid policy is: If you are sick, please don't come.

Notice for those with cat allergies: I am currently fostering two cats, and they may be mingling with us during the movie.

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