Cum Like a Boss!

  • Hosted by Ethology Collective
  • Richmond, CA -
  • 15 people on the list-

Learn to Orgasm Entirely Without Physical Touch  


*Negative COVID test and ID required to attend. We will not have tests for sale on site." 

Cum Like a Boss! is designed to teach you how to achieve orgasm entirely without physical touch. The intention of this workshop is to provide a new pathway to climax. It is for anyone who is looking to awaken their sexuality, enhance their sexual pleasure, or create a deeper connection with their sexuality. Remove the mental and emotional blocks that hinder your experience with your sexual pleasure. 

So, can it be done? Yes. It is possible to climax without physical stimulation. 

In this workshop you will learn how to: 

~Clear your mind and allow yourself to receive pleasure. 

~Release stress and tension through mindfulness. 

~Begin to build a practice of pleasure. 

~Climax without physical stimulation. 

~Control your own orgasmic future! 

These practices show up most often in Tantra, Kundalini and other forms of sacred, spiritual sexual practices. We will use these concepts to build our practice. 

There are many benefits to having an orgasmic life. Whether sex plays a role in your life or not, having regular orgasms can boost immunity, relieve stress and help you live longer. (Colleen Travers, Fitness Magazine) 

  • This workshop is currently only for people Assigned Female At Birth (AFAB) 

Meet the Instructor

Nika Cherrelle 

Nika Cherrelle, is an engaging, vibrant, creative artist, educator and activist with over 25 years of experience in the Fine Arts. Classically trained in sculpture and specializing in figurative ceramics and portraiture, Marnika uses the visual arts as a platform to drive home complex, layered and controversial narratives. Their works are designed to engage the viewer in conversations that challenge socially and culturally normative viewpoints around race, gender, sexuality, class and religion. Taking on topics such as indoctrination and historical prejudice by recreating stories from unexplored angles to expose longstanding impacts on society. Views of masculinity, prejudice, violence, shame, sexuality and how fear creates difference are all within the scope of their work. Marnika enjoys speaking in communities, classrooms and institutions about Art, Sexuality and Politics. Their work exists to empower and inspire people across all cultural backgrounds. By breaking down taboo, they aim to create a world where all people feel loved, honored and respected. 

Marnika Shelton is the Founder and operator of Nika Cherrelle’s LLC. Nika Cherrelle’s LLC is a hybrid organization that designs and distributes unique, artisan quality, adult novelties and sex toys. 

Nika Cherrelle’s LLC also has a community outreach podcast, the “It” Cast.

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