Dark Odyssey Happy Hour @ Five Points (SJC)

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Dark Odyssey Surrender is Back!

We will be hosting 4 Happy Hours in different locations right before Surrender. So come out, meet us, grab a drink and nosh some food!

This Happy Hour will be at Five Points in San Jose. Look for the Surrender T-Shirts, Wears yours if you have one! You wont be able to miss us! 

New and excited about Surrender?

Have a lot of questions but don't know who to ask? Worried about going alone? 

Then come down and we will fill you in and help you meet new people!

Surrender is a 3 Day Hotel Kink Convention! We have classes, workshops and socials during the day and at night we open up our Giant Ballroom Dungeon! 

Save the date! October 20th -23rd in San Jose!

Dark Odyssey has been hosting hotel and camping events for over 20 years on both coasts. We know a lot has changed over the last few years so we want to meet the new comers and welcome back old friends and family! 

Dark Odyssey Surrender Registration now open!

Volunteer Applications is now open

Its a great way to save costs and make new friends! 

Check out the website to see as we filling the details for this years event!

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