Depth, Presence, Intimacy: a rope workshop with Raven & Glory

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We are so pleased to welcome back Raven and Glory for an evening of rope and intimacy!

This is not a lesson on knots. Rather, we will be cultivating an experience that allows each individual to develop their own intimacy toolbox. Through playing with trust, cadence, and power, you will learn to craft deep rope experiences. We hope you’ll leave this workshop with the confidence to share your own rope story with others.

This is an all-levels workshop. Please bring your fullest self whether you have zero knowledge or years of experience in rope, intimacy, and play. We all have something to learn from each other and your personal experiences will find a home in our activities. We are excited to be present with you in our rope community!

With love, Raven & Glory

Read below for class details!

Important Details

* What to expect: During the workshop you will be asked to practice both top and bottom roles. However, no experience in either is necessary prior to the workshop. For most of the workshop, you will be asked to work with partners other than the person with whom you attend the class, regardless of gender. The facilitators will construct a container to allow for ample communication and consent to make working with new people safe and productive. Both of these requests may feel like challenging edges and boundaries. However, we have seen that students blossom when these edges are softly pressed and ultimately leads to deeper connection with their primary partners and their skill in rope. If you have questions about this, please email us at

* What to bring: Please bring your own rope and blindfolds if you have some! VoxBody has loaner rope and blindfolds if needed for class.

* What to wear: Wear clothing that will not get in the way of rope. We encourage tight-fitted clothing such as yoga pants or tight shorts, and a fitted tank top or tee. You are welcome to wear lingerie, but please avoid wired bras and other stiff or structured materials.

Class Schedule:

Part 1

  • Opening, consent, and safety
  • Trust-building: Stepping into embodiment and connecting with community
  • Listening and telling: Exploring the exchange of power


Part 2

  • Speed and friction: Feeling the impact of cadence and sensation
  • Melting and holding: Giving and accepting embrace and surrender
  • Closing & integration

Throughout this workshop, you will:

  • Sharpen your somatic listening skills
  • Tune in to your body’s felt sense
  • Practice communicating about your experience both verbally and nonverbally
  • Explore different methods for embodied leadership and dominance
  • Create a trusting container for intimacy and surrender

* We have sliding scale ticket options for this class! Please read and register accordingly:

Tier 1- $65 per duo: I have financial security and feel comfortable paying this price.

Tier 2- $60 per duo: I have a reasonable level of financial security and feel comfortable paying this price.

Tier 3- $50 per duo: I am experiencing economic challenges and a reduced rate supports me in attending.

About the presenters:

Raven Mangiante (they/them) is an educator, artist, and lover of rope. For over 10 years they have facilitated formal and informal learning spaces and built virtual communities for people around the world to play, experiment, and blossom in kink. Their education style is experience-first and oriented toward helping people develop connection and understanding. As a rope top, Raven builds a slow and intimate experience focused on feeling and sensation. In rope, as in education, Raven is inspired by experimentation and structure to create safe spaces for growth and self discovery.

Follow them on IG: @corvus.the.corax

Glory Dang (they/them) is a non-binary multidisciplinary artist, creative vulnerability facilitator, and rope switch. They are passionate about creating intimate, transformational experiences and have hosted events around self-love, intimacy, creativity, and play. They believe the juiciest parts of a rope experience are deep presence and connection. Today, they are exploring social art as healing through the lenses of trauma work. You can find their shibari portraiture work showcased around the bay at sexuality fairs, play parties, art shows, and more.

Following along on IG:

And their website:


4120 Martin Luther King Jr Way Oakland, CA, 94609

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