Dominance Discussion Group (DDG)

  • San Francisco, CA -

Dominance Discussion Group (DDG)

We are a group providing a safe and private place for all Dominants across the spectrum. However you identify, this is a place for you to come and discuss issues, talk openly, get support, sharpen skills and make connections.

Whatever your experience level, we welcome you to join the longest running Dominants-only discussion group in SF, every 4th Tuesday of the month!

The DDG is a group for ALL folks:





and every gender presentation


Facilitating the discussions, Chris Heart has over two decades of experience in M/s, D/s, O/p, Big/little, Handler/pet, and DD/lg style dynamics.

Chris Heart identifies as a feminist Dominant and genderfluid butch and uses the pronouns She/Her.


This is a donation-based event, we humbly request $5-$20 to help us pay our monthly rent and support the Folsom Center. NOTAFLOF.

Attendees can pay what they can by:

▪ becoming a monthly Patreon supporter of the Folsom Center (

▪ one-time donations to Folsom Center via Venmo (

▪ one-time donations to Folsom Center via PayPal (

▪ cash to your host, Chris Heart, on behalf of Folsom Center


Please note the Folsom Center is completely accessible, we will be meeting on the main floor of the space.

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