Dr. Sketchy’s - Burlesque Drink & Draw

Dr. Sketchy's is bringing its alt-art party to the home of NYC neo-burlesque, Coney Island USA.

The original NYC Drink & Draw, Dr. Sketchy's was originated in 2005 when Molly Crabapple combined life-drawing, new-wave cabaret, and an atmosphere of joyful, boozy conviviality. 

Featuring burlesque performances, live art models and art games -- as well as beer and wine from the WORLD FAMOUS FREAK BAR -- bring your friends to make art for a chance to win some prizes! Boards, paper, pencils and art supplies will be provided, but you're welcome to bring any media you prefer!

Our theme this month is Nudie Nuptials -- celebrating the wedding anniversary of your art teacher and host, Rita N. Wink!

Joining us will be the soon-to-be-honeymooners, our newly engaged models and burlesque dancers will be Madame Brassiere and Jack Rabbit Slims!

Doors open at 12:30. Drawing starts at 1pm.