Drills for Rope Skills

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If you've been in our Core Curriculum classes, you have surely heard us saying (over and over again): "Drill your ties" And we meant it too! So much so that we have decided to offer an on-going event dedicated solely to the practice of drilling the fundamentals of rope bondage.

Drilling exercises can help to improve your rope skills, rope management, and ability to move efficiently/smoothly with your rope, even when the moment might become hectic. It can also serve to build your confidence and connection with rope as your medium. Think of a dancer warming up, or a musician practicing their scales. We believe drilling can benefit those new to rope and those who have been tying for a while. 

** Join us for any or all dates: September 19, October 30, November 21!

A few notes about Drills for Rope Skills:

  • tickets are PER PERSON. Blue will set attendees up for drills either as self-ties or using furniture/props. You do not need to come with a tying partner (but if you do, please purchase two tickets).
  • These classes welcome those who’ve already attended Beginner Jams or Fundamentals classes (or comparable 101-level learning) and are ready for more practice. We will NOT teach single or double column ties during these events, and those attending should have previous experience tying them.
  • These classes are also great for those who have experience with suspension and want to refine/improve their rope flow and management.
  • Exercises will vary month to month and focus on general themes of: column ties, frictions and lock-offs, and drilling for tension and rope management.
  • Come ready to geek out on detail and repetition!!
  • Loaner rope is available for attendees, or bring your personal kit. 2 lengths of rope is all you need.




About the presenter:

Blue (she/her): Blue has been teaching and performing rope bondage since 2012. In June 2017, she opened VoxBody Studio, the Bay Area's first rope-dedicated venue. Blue is part of an active rope community in the Bay Area, teaching classes and hosting events regularly and performing at events such as Folsom Street Fair, Twisted Windows and Vau de Vire Society productions. She has also presented at RopeCraft, Bondage Expo Dallas, Desert Bound and Karada House’s QueerRope event. Blue is an enthusiastic sWitch, believes bondage education should address both sides of the rope, and is so proud of the Vox-community. Find her on IG @miss_true_blue. 


4120 Martin Luther King Jr Way Oakland, CA, 94609

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