[SuperBloomer Exclusive] So you Want D/s? Now What? with Midori

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Workshop Description:

Dominance and submission - does this intrigue you? But what exactly is this D/s thing? Let’s figure out some fundamentals so you can better seek and create D/s that are right for you. This is an interactive, discussion-centered class.

Topics Discussed:

  • What are the different types of D/s? How do you identify them?
  • What are you actually looking for? How do you explain what you want?
  • D/s scenes vs D/s Relationships - why the difference matters.
  • How to avoid disasters and broken hearts by quickly spotting red flags and misaligned desires
  • Common pitfalls.
  • Concepts to help clarify your vision.
  • Map and express your values and desires.
  • How to prepare yourself for the D/s that you seek.

No experience is necessary. For everyone.

Bring note-taking tools and your curiosity.

We will be using the Annotation feature in Zoom. It works with a mouse, touchpad, or touch screen on most devices (Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iPad, but NOT iPhone).

Host Bio

Trailblazing educator, sexologist, artist, and irritant to banality, Midori founded Rope Dojo and ForteFemme: Women's Dominance Intensive. She penned the first English instruction book on Shibari, "Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage" in 2001, paving the way for the popularity of rope. Dan Savage calls her the "Supernova of Kink," while others affectionately call her Auntie Midori for her cool, tell-it-like-it-is, funny, reality-based teaching.

Midori is known for tackling challenging topics with fresh and relevant insights. She calls this her “head-heart-hands” method to create a space where people are allowed individual self-exploration. She is an instructor for The Sexual Health Alliance's new Kink Informed Certification Program that educates therapists, coaches, and sexuality experts about BDSM and alternative sexuality. She also offers private coaching for individuals, couples, creatives, and professionals in customized virtual sessions. Learn more about her work at or follow her on Social Media: @PlanetMidori

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