Dynamic Embodiment - Somatic Practice with Ian Shaw-Zak

  • Hosted by The Alembic
  • Berkeley, CA -

Discover a world of transformation in our Dynamic Embodiment Somatic Movement Class with Ian Shaw-Zak. Dive deep into the realm of sensorimotor and perceptual patterns that shape your interactions with the world, and cultivate the root of who you are becoming. Through mindful movement and a curiosity-driven approach, you'll cultivate differentiation and connections between layers and aspects of yourself, unlocking your body's innate wisdom and resourcefulness

Each class is a journey through developmental layers that uses diverse maps and lenses. Though grounded in the present moment, the exploration will expand your sense of body, space, range, and the possibilities for more vibrance and ease. We will play with images and concepts drawn from embryology, motor learning, and archetypal symbolism—including the rich language of alchemy and Qigong—to explore, cultivate, and nourish our bodies. This class welcomes participants of all levels, whether seasoned explorers or people new to somatic practice. No prior experience is necessary—simply come as you are, and leave with a deeper connection to your inner self, renewed vitality, and a sense of emergent possibilities.

Ian Shaw-Zak (he/they) has spent over thirty-five years practicing Shaolin Qigong. They have engaged in a lifetime quest investigating how bodies function, learn, interact, and heal while seeking to understand what has come to be known as neurodiversity. With a decade of experience as a Somatic Movement Therapist, and more recent experience as a provider of mental health services, Ian brings a wealth of knowledge and empathy to guide your journey. Visit for more information.

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