East Bay Authentic Relating

  • Berkeley, CA -

In this Authentic Relating event we practice conscious connection, depth filled conversation, and explore relationship to self and others.

Are you someone who craves conscious connection, depth filled conversations, and a space to explore relationships to self and others? Are you searching for that kind of self care and for conscious community? Join us for East Bay Authentic Relating (AR) Games Night, and get those needs met. In our experience facilitating and participating in AR events one of the most consistent comments we hear is, “I didn’t know how much I needed this.”

AR is a social technology where we explore relational mindfulness in real time. Put a completely different way, AR is playing games to practice satisfying the fundamental human need for connection. AR practices create a safe, intentional space, rooted in play and supported by clear boundaries, to create meaningful and enjoyable connections to self and other.

Some of the many benefits of Authentic Relating:

✨ Cultivate emotional intelligence

✨ Increase self awareness and social awareness

✨ Develop interpersonal skills

✨ Feel seen and heard by others

✨ Experience and build community

At East Bay AR events you get to explore what authenticity means to you and receive thoughtful reflections on how your authenticity impacts the people you are in connection with. True authenticity can’t be cultivated in a silo. We need the healthy mirroring of others to help us see who we authentically are. No one can tell you what is authentic for you, but we can learn how to better discover and activate it.

Join Ahran and Ryan in this playful space and discover the dynamic and joyful practice of Authentic Relating!


For events at the Finnish Hall: There is a small parking lot on one one side of the building (you can park there... if you're hella lucky) and a door at ground level near the front of the building. That's the door. It's NOT up the main front steps.

Be on time. No, be early!! In service to group cohesion and minimal disruption, we close the doors to the event 10-15 minutes after the stated event start time. No one is admitted after the doors are closed. We appreciate this could be frustrating, and we appreciate your understanding.

Ahran is a 1.5 Korean American self awareness coach, group facilitator, multidisciplinary artist, and speaker based in Berkeley, California. Cultivating interconnectedness and kinship is central to her work as a coach, artist, and community leader. Ahran loves designing community spaces where she can facilitate collective creativity and vulnerable sharing to alchemize pain into collective healing. Themes found in Ahran’s work range from AAPI women empowerment, raising mental health awareness, to exploring creative liberation practices for dismantling oppressive systems. Ahran wants to be the first generation in her lineage who boldly breaks away from unhealthy patterns by creating and occupying space loudly and proudly. Ahran is an energy mover. Ahran is an ancestral pattern shifter.

Ryan spent most of the past ten years helping people improve life function and quality of relationships through behavior change. He is certified as both an Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough™ Coach and an Accelerated Evolution Coach and uses those tools, through 1:1 work with clients, to help people increase joy, connection, and self-expression. By reclaiming the birthright of pleasure, owning their sexuality as an essential and significant part of the full human experience, Ryan invites people to explore and challenge rules and expectations of gender and sexuality they never actually chose for themselves. The results are living truer to self with greater, clearer purpose, more joy, and more fulfilling connections with others - in short being their fullest, loving-est, shiniest, sparkly, beautiful selves.

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