East Bay TNG (August 8th)

  • Hosted by Oakland TNG
  • Oakland, CA -
  • 52 people on the list-

East Bay TNG, or The Next Generation, is a social happy hour for those 40 and younger. Join us for sexy conversation, community building, and delicious craft drinks. We are kink/sex-positive and welcoming of all races, sexualities, genders, and abilities.

Our event is for those between the ages of 21-40. Partners over 40 are welcome, however if those out of the age range cruise at the event you will not be welcomed back. There are many events for those of all ages, please respect the age guidelines here.

Safety and consent guidelines: We ask that all those in attendance be vaccinated, for everyone's safety. If you have been in contact with anyone with COVID-19 or are feeling under the weather, please stay home and join us when in a safer and healthier capacity!

Additionally, consent and the utmost respect for others is most important at our events. Do not touch anyone without first asking. Should you experience a consent violation or if someone makes you uncomfortable for any reason, please let a hosts know and we will correct the situation.

First time attending? In the spirit of TNG, welcome new friends! We pride ourselves on creating a welcoming environment for those in our wonderful kink community. If you are new, feeling shy, or need a friend, please don't hesitate to approach a host! Find us by looking for people with name tags or just ask people who are grouped if they're there for TNG. We could be outdoor or indoors depending on the crowd and weather.

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