Embodied Sex Ed Fall/Winter Cohort

EMBODIED S<3X ED is here to give permission, tools, information, resources, and integrational demonstrations that will support you becoming more embodied and empowered in the ways you connect intimately with your sexuality, sexual expression, and sexual identity. 

EsX encompasses educational resources and hands on practices, a library of information, and offerings created from a variety of sources + educators, personal experiences, and a refinement of published information to be more expansive and inclusive of many people's lived experiences, gender identities, and relationship styles. 

EsX encompasses tools to help you move through any blocks that you are carrying or that surface and resources to help you explore your curiosities in ways that center ethics, consent, and safety so that you can show up with confidence.

Embodied S<3x Ed is designed for every body and will empower you to expand into living in your most authentic, inspired, pleasure centered life.


October: Release + Acclimate to Create Space

November: Healing + Embodying Pleasure

December: Kink + BDSM

January: Relationship Dynamics + Identity

February: Intimacy + Tantra

Investment: $555 for the Fall / Winter Cohort Bundle and access to our online community space, full library of resources, and self paced recordings.


All online classes will be recorded. They can be attended live and will be available for reply as a part of the cohort. Some classes will be accessible to the public with a single class pass ticket and registration will be available to those who have not signed up for the cohort. Those enrolled in EsX Queering Sex Ed will have access to an affinity space for discussions + community connections.

Some topics will be covered in pre-recorded content that will be available during the time identified on the schedule. There will be other dates added for bonus content and in person gatherings + workshops throughout the cohort.

In addition to the classes + workshops that center information, education, and integration, we will hold digital and in person gatherings throughout the cohort for community connection, discussion + reflection circles, hands on integration and technical skills meetups.

The cohort will also include a comprehensive list of resources, and highlighted community partner events, offerings, and educational workshops that will support and expand your Embodied Sexual Identity.

You'll find the full line up of events, resources, and self paced tips + tools for integration inside THE HUB in the Embodied Sex Ed Fall/Winter Cohort.