Energetic Ecstasy (Basics)

There's no time like the present to be enraptured by your own life energy!

There's no time like the present to be enraptured by your own life energy!

Channeling the energy vortex of Sedona, you are cordially invited to experience energetic upgrades of unbecoming all that you are not and stepping into your divinity in a nourishing, playful, and even arousing environment.

Key outcomes of this event:

- Feel deeply connected, seen, supported, and in tune as you use your sxxual energy to heal emotional blocks, so you can raise your vibration to experience divine, 0rgasmic, and juicy LOVE.

- Drop fears around being deeply intimate and ignite your inner God/dess who feels vibrant and confident to express your sxxual energy and desires⁠—shame and embarrassment free.

- Feel deep ease and peace within your mind, body, and spirit as you release old anxieties and fears of not enoughness that you’ve carried for years.

You will feel:

Lighter in your body

Less “in your head” and more present

More energy

More pleasure!

And the best part is you will have practices to take home to maintain these feelings if you so desire!

(this knowing & feeling stays with you as long as you like, avoiding the high/low of other non-integrative workshops).

The process will be fun and interactive, and you are fully at choice to participate or opt-out of anything we suggest. Thank you for taking care of yourself!

Let the games begin! 🎉🙌🏻💖❤️‍🔥


Previous attendees have said:

“It’s an incredible open space that encourages personal exploration.”

“It was very practical. I am very relaxed now. I felt very safe to be a different person than I am normally.”

(I have) “A better understanding of how my energy can affect others when I am giving and accepting.”

Previous attendees favorite parts of this workshop:

“The energy exercises, especially the “bubble” exercise.”

“The gold star- recognizing past & present physical & psychological connection.”

“Receiving & Giving my energy.”

“It was very practical.”

Event Details:

Doors open at 1:30 pm and close at 2:00pm

Location will be at The Atelier

210 3rd Ave S, Seattle, WA, 98104

Private lot & public parking available

Please EAT a light meal before you arrive. We'll provide light snacks and encourage you to bring something to share, as well as anything needed for your own comfort (water, pillows, etc).

No alcohol, drugs or substances permitted (playing in our natural energy is an amazing and special experience in and of itself!)

Please show up in your authentic truth. We provide a welcoming space for any and all ethnicities, gender identities, lifestyles, etc.

Love Exchange $75 per couple or $40 per person

Also available : Low Income/ BIPOC option of $20 per person

High Income (scholarship for low income) option of $65

LIMIT 40 tickets sold


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  • 2023-03-25/SA Bejeweled Pl@y Party:
  • 2023-04-05/WE The MONTHLY Bloom Tantra Social (First Wednesdays)
  • 2023-05, TBA

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The legendary Goddess Aphrodite brings you connection events that blend deeply sensual seduction with light youthfulness and fun, and an authenticity that allows for truly deep connection.

Whether you’re bold enough to encounter her at a famous pl@y party, or barely dipping your toe into an energetics or intro level event, you will likely be captivated and swept away into a world where nothing is taboo and all of you is allowed to show up shame free so that you can expand into the truth of who you really desire to be, either for one night or forever.

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