Non-Monogamy 102: The Inner Work

*NOTE*: This workshop was previously going to be hosted by Rachel Wright. Due to an emergency Rachel is no longer available to host the workshop. Misha Bonaventura will be subbing in in Rachel's absence. Rachel will return for part 3 of this workshop.

Workshop Description

This is part 2 of our 3-part series with Rachel Wright on Navigating different aspects of non-monogamy and polyamory. In the first workshop, we began the process of unlearning old beliefs, and how to embrace our inner sluts. In this workshop, we'll be diving deeper into doing the work on navigating polyamorous relationships with others, and with ourselves.

We will be going over:

  • The Inner Work
  • Knowing & Understanding You (In and Out of a Relationship)
  • Attachment Theory
  • Combating Internal Shame
  • 9 Qualities, Skills, & Habits of a Happy NM Human
  • The Outer Work
  • Creating & Deciding on Agreements with your Partner(s)
  • How to Flirt, Date, & Fuck as an NM Human
  • Resisting Change(s) in the OG Relationship
  • Action Steps

And stick around for a Q+A at the end!

This event will be recorded and sent out to ticket holders within a few days after the live stream.

Host Bio

Misha Bonaventura co-produces Bonobo Network with William Winters. Alongside William, she is passionate about supporting a sex-positive community and helping people create more pleasure for themselves. She teaches and consults individuals and communities to develop their consent culture with a harm reduction and transformative justice lens. Her private practice, Clearing Conversations, focuses on conflict resolution and communication coaching and she loves supporting the sex-positive community of the Bay Area and beyond in creating sustainable, long-term relationship building.

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