ENM Social Club Chicago

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  • Chicago, IL -
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Join us for a fun night out at the ENM Social!

ENM folks unite! The ENM Social Club is a place for polyamorous and Ethically Non-Monogamous folks to hang out, meet one another, and build community. This is a safe space for all styles of ENM and all sexual orientations and gender identities, so come one and come all!

Let's get together and create some community! ALL ARE WELCOME! If you aren't into ENM but want to support us, come say hi!

We will be meeting at Slugger's Bar at 7:15pm.

About ENM

Ethical Non-Monogamy (ENM) is the practice of having multiple connections with the consent of all parties involved. Relationship dynamics are different for everybody, and we want to create a space to learn more and get to know other people who are exploring it too.

Feel free to stop by whenever you can make it and make a new friend! We are here for the connections!

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