ENM Meetup: Board Games on the Beach

Hi enm cuties!

Because of the heat warning in effect we've moved this event to the 16th! stay cool out there!

This is a one-off event hosted by the same folks that host the biweekly ENM meetup at Darby's. You're welcome to come to this one even if you haven't been to the other events!

We'll be meeting at the new Kits Beach Popup/Seating Area, which overlooks the old Kitsilano Pool. There are pictures and information about it at this link. It is located right around 2305 Cornwall Ave, Vancouver, BC V6K 1B6.

The event is BYOB and BYOBG--bring your own booze (or other drinks) & bring your own board games (to play with others!)--drinking is allowed until 9pm under the park board bylaws. You are welcome to come for the entire time or just some of the time, but the hosts will be there from 6:30-9:00pm (ish!). If the weather looks bad, I'll update everyone through Plura if we change venues!

Host Info

  • Bri (they/them) is a disabled queer and nonbinary settler originally from N'dakinna (New England) who has lived all over Turtle Island. They're a lecturer in Library Science at UBC and the archivist and historian of the Haslam Collection on Polyamory. Bri is the primary organizer over the summer months.
  • Erika (she/they) is a queer, multiracial settler from California. They have practiced ENM for 6ish years and been an organizer for ~3 of those. Ask her about how the communities they’ve been a part of compare w each other! Erika is in the states doing research in June and July this year.

Accessibility Info

  • Alt text for image: A photograph of a seating area of long wooden benches and Arondack chairs on a cement ground. The seating area overlooks the ocean and the mountains.
  • This is a location near restrooms and there are several beach concession stands (but we don't know their hours or what they serve).
  • The area is wheelchair accessible, and there is parking but parking is limited and may be in higher demand in the evening.
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