Non-Monogamy Speed Dating/Friending

  • Hosted by Plura NYC
  • NY - address sent to ticket holders
  • 140 people on the list

Meet fellow non-monogamous folks through facilitated speed friending/dating and open mingling!

Looking for more ethically non-monogamous and polyamorous friends, dates & other connections? Or just want to do more fun things in NYC? Bloom Community is running ENM speed dating/friending where you'll have the opportunity to meet some humans in the NYC Poly Community!

This is not a Queer-focused ENM event! We welcome LGBTQ+, trans and non-binary, queer, BIPOC, kinky, and polyamorous folks of all kinds, and we have Queer centered speed dating events happening this month in NYC which you can check out here:

What is ENM?

Ethical Non-Monogamy (ENM) is the practice of having multiple sexual or romantic partners with the consent of all parties involved. Relationship dynamics are different for everybody, & we want to create a space to learn more & get to know other people who are exploring it too.


6:45 pm - Doors Open

7:00-7:15 - Intros and Instructions

7:15-8:30 - Facilitated Speed Friending/Dating

8:30 and on - Open Mingling

About Bloom Community

Bloom Community is the social app for edge-of-culture communities that helps you meet people organically through shared events. We collaborate with event organizers whose events facilitate connection and community. These groups are often at the boundary of culture, exploring new ways to connect authentically, approaching life with a learning mindset, and creating a more community-minded future. In Bloom’s app, you can discover events, become Buds with people, and join community conversations. We want to live in a world where all people have the felt sense of safety and belonging that comes when you've found your community.