Erin Mohr Gets Naked*...for the kids, a Stand-up Comedy Show for Adults

  • Los Angeles, CA -

A free comedic celebration of a transgender woman's experience. 18+ Event

Erin quiets the din of transphobes and haters with every uplifting joke, leaving it all on the stage, including her clothes. A hilarious dalliance through a transgender comedian's experience, Erin Mohr Gets Naked* answers all the questions about trans folks every adult wants to ask and even a few you shouldn't.

At a time when political forces are "righteously" working to strip transgender folks of their humanity and by extension, their existence, it is critical to infuse society with positive, healthy, thriving, happy representations of trans people, giving those navigating the minefield of their own transition story something to hold on to - a reason to survive. Erin Mohr Gets Naked* is the most entertaining antidote to erasure-politics.

The show is a comedic celebration, for adults, of a transgender woman's experience and the consequence of body positivity & representation - saving lives.

About Erin Mohr

Erin Mohr is a transgender stand-up comedian who has been seen in The Last Open Mic at the End of the World on Adult Swim and Max. She performs all over L.A. and has also performed in the Tim Northern Comedy Festival in Louisville, Riot Grrrl Festival in Los Angeles and was part of the "Best of the Fest" in the Burbank Comedy Festival. She has graced the stages of The Comedy Store, Flappers Comedy Club and The Hollywood Improv. She is also a content creator with over ten million views on TikTok.

​In 2016 Erin was Aaron; a married man living in Seattle working in a job she didn't love. Finally confronting lifelong depression and suicidal ideation, she embraced the journey to discover her true self. After a lifetime in the closet, Erin moved to the stage to share her story with others through the transformative work of stand-up comedy.

Erin continues to perform at various clubs and venues throughout Los Angeles. She is also working on her first stand-up special which, if all goes well, will be banned in several southern states here in the good ol’ US of A.

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