Erotic Empowerment Circle

  • Hosted by The Woo Underground
  • Coronado, CA -
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A powerfully playful, inclusive space for lived wisdom, experience, and guidance. Come discover new ways to say YES to yourself!

The Erotic Empowerment Circle is a powerfully playful, inclusive space for lived wisdom, experience, and guidance related to all things intimate, including:

Bedroom Play

Relationships (including non-traditional relating)


Queerness, and

How Spirituality Intersects with it all...

We will periodically bring in guest speakers for special topics of interest.

Come with an open mind, and be ready to discover new and erotic ways to say YES to yourself!

***You are invited to stay after the discussion for a Social Hour to connect with others in the community***


SHARON MARIE SCOTT/GENREGIRL ~ identifies as a queer, kinky, relationship maverick, and shamanic guide. While much of her career had been as a storyteller in comic books and video games, her personal healing journey led her to becoming a proud steward and educational leader for people in alternative life- and relationship styles (defined as sex-positive LGBTQIA+, kink and BDSM, and/or polyamory, swinging, and open relating).

She has led classes on kink dynamics and hard- and soft-skill play, and hosted discussion groups on ENM, Interdependent Relating, and De-programming our monogamous Conditioning. She also curates a private online community - The Woo Underground - an inclusive space that encourages conscious self-growth through alternative lifestyles. She is committed to embodying love, playfulness, erotic ecstasy, and radical sovereignty.

ROBYN DAVIS/QUEENDEP ~ has been an active member of the San Diego kink community for the last 8 years. Having over 20 years of volunteer experience with other organizations, she thrives on being in service to the local community. She has served as President, Vice President, and Interim Information Officer for Club X, a local kinky non-profit for kink and BDSM education, and has been a regular volunteer and coordinator with House of Black San Diego and Leather Realm San Diego.

She currently hosts several popular monthly events including Mz Robyn’s Skill Swap, Mz Robyn’s Park Picnic, and Mz Robyn’s Billiards and Foosball Social. While she can and does teach, her passion is supporting people on their personal journeys.

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