Family Constellations for All Asian-Identifying Humans at HOLISTIKA

  • Hosted by HOLISTIKA
  • Lafayette, CA -

What is Family Constellations Therapy?

Originally, it was founded in the 1990s by German Psycho-Analyst Bert Hellinger. He was looking for a way to go beyond traditional talk therapy to help his German patients who were either the descendants of the Nazis or Holocaust survivors. So either way, they had lots of ancestor trauma.

How does it work today?

In today’s Family Constellations sessions, you can bring in anything that you would to a therapy session or a life coaching session. You choose other people in the group to represent your family members, emotions, illnesses, or anything else that might be relevant to your constellation. Your Family Constellations Facilitator will guide you through this entire process.

Why is it so powerful?

Like no other healing modality, it allows us to explore and uncover hidden dynamics that we are most likely not aware we are carrying for the most cathartic and powerful healing experience ever.

Powerful Words

"All I have to say is WOW! Committing to the process and having Kyla guiding us the whole way, we experienced breakthroughs in ways that simply talking it out could never touch. It’s PO-WER-FUL!"

-Kappa Curran, Life Coach

"Family Constellations with Kyla totally changed my life for the very best! If you haven't done family constellations, you must! It's a life-changing experience that will help you heal to a whole different level, and you must go with the best, and the best for this kind of stuff, is definitely Kyla! So grateful!"

-Angeles Leon, Founder, Spanish Visa Advisors

"Kyla is the real deal in all ways. Her energy is pure and authentic. Not only is she great as a Family Constellations Facilitator, but she has the most important thing which is her love, purpose, intuition of how she carries on her sessions. She is truly a magical healer."

-Karina Madrigal, Yoga Instructor

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