Feeding Your Flower

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A 13-week group class for anyone experiencing any sexual dysfunctions (pain with sex, lack of desire, etc), high performing professionals experiencing burnout, individuals trying to conceive, or anyone who just wants to optimize their body's efficiency and pleasure.

Transition from surviving the patriarchy to thriving by learning everything sex-ed and biology classes SHOULD cover about sex, sexuality and gender (but don't!).

This is NOT an "embracing your femininity" or "sexual embodiment" course that is going to "cure" you. You aren't broken. This is a group class that offers solidarity while we learn and develop life skills together.

This class is inclusive to everyone except cis men (but stay tuned for a future class tailored for sex education for cis men).

Education and evidence based methods are facilitated in a closed, anonymous group setting that includes nervous system education, comprehensive cycle/ fertility education, sex education, nutrition, meditation, spiritual practices, The Safe and Sound Protocol*, and TRE® (Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises)**.

Cost: $40/per week or $300 prepaid***

*The Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) is an acoustic vagus nerve stimulator program, installed on your smartphone and involves listening to filtered music. The purpose of this auditory intervention is to help clients access a physiological state conducive to well-being, positive engagement with others, and growth in learning and therapy.

**TRE® is an innovative series of exercises that assist the body in releasing deep muscular patterns of stress, tension and trauma.

***Plus $25/ month for the continued subscription of the SSP program and a one-time purchase of $35 over the ear non-noise cancelling headphones compatible with your smartphone (may be purchased on Amazon)

About the organizer:

Valerie (She/They): After two decades of struggling with and overcoming multiple sexual dysfunctions and chronic pain, and a slew of mental illnesses (Chronic Grief, PTSD, cPTSD, OCD, BPD, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Depression, CSA survivor), I have highlighted the modalities that were the most effective with the least amount of effort (and cognitive load) and put into a format that I was deeply missing in my journey; community and group work. We don't need to work so hard to heal, and we don't have to do it alone!

I foster an online, inclusive space, where participants can remain anonymous in a group setting. Solidarity and healing is the focus, not re-telling therefore reliving trauma or being given more work to do on your own! Safe and Sound Protocol and TRE classes will be taught by a trauma informed, highly experienced provider, Jenna Anderson.

To register or if you have any questions please email:


One on one Intake Call: Completed the week before class starts. Intake form will be filled out before the call. Discuss personal goals, what you are looking to gain from the group work, anything else you are looking for outside of group work may be discussed, including help researching appropriate providers in your area like sex positive OBGYN or pelvic floor physical therapists.

Boundaries for the group classes will be outlined. "Pen names" or “scene names” may be chosen to remain anonymous during the group work. Contact information of other group members will not be given, and no contact with other group members outside of the facilitated class until the end of the 13 weeks and ONLY if group members opt to be included in a group email and Telegram community. 

One Hour Group Classes (Tentative Schedule, may change based on needs of the group):

September 12th- Biology and Nervous System Education Overview

(As it relates to sex and sexuality, will introduce Vagal Toning Exercises)

September 19th- Ways to complete the Stress Cycle 

(Up regulation vs down regulation)

September 26th- Phases of cycle/cycle support 

(what is happening biologically during each phase of your cycle and how to optimize and utilize your cycle)

October 3rd- Trauma and Tension Release Exercise Beginner Series 1

(Three-week series facilitated by certified provider, Jenna Anderson)

October 10th- Trauma and Tension Release Exercise Beginner Series 2

(Three-week series facilitated by certified provider, Jenna Anderson)

October 17th- Trauma and Tension Release Exercise Beginner Series 3

(Three-week series facilitated by certified provider, Jenna Anderson)

October 24th- Safe and Sound Protocol Introduction 

(Facilitated by certified provider, Jenna Anderson. The program will require 15 minutes of listening to filtered music every other day on your own, on your smartphone, with special headphones)

October 31st- Halloween, no class, individual check ins with Valerie instead

November 7th- Anatomy and Orgasms Overview

(Biological anatomy and types of orgasms will be discussed. Lecture class with no experiential learning. Information only, no sex or nudity will occur at any point in the class)

November 14th- Body Acceptance for better sex 

(Healthy at Every Size, self-compassion, overcoming sex negative culture)

November 21st- Attachment Style Overview, Managing stress responses

November 28th - Consent and Communication during sex, Communication with Partners

December 5th- Review, Elements/Grounding Guided Mediation practice, closing remarks

Class Disclaimer: This is not medical advice and should not be taken as such. There will be no sexual interaction, role play, or exchange of any type. This is not a substitute for therapy. The purpose of this course is to provide information and experiential learning of a general nature based on details of what has worked for me. Information and experiential learning will be 40-45 minutes to allow time to practice vagal toning exercises at the beginning of class and containment exercises at the end of class. 

Individual Intake and Check-In Disclaimer: This work is peer to peer in nature. Any providers I research in your area, will be based on a series of questions I have found worked for me and my intuition after seeing over a dozen different providers of my own, but I cannot guarantee they will provide a positive experience. practice, closing remarks