FemFlirt: queer flirting class + mixer + dance party

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// Private event for House of Scorpio s3x-positive LGBTQ+ community //

House of Scorpio


FemFlirt: queer flirting class & mixer

Friday, March 16*, 8pm doors / 8:30-9:30pm class / 9:30pm-2am party, 21+ (25+ suggested)

HoS members only, $0-25 depending on membership level

Our new location! Gemini & Scorpio Loft, 267 Douglass St, 3rd fl (ADA accessible)

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Socials: @gemini_scorpio #houseofscorpio

It's been a common refrain that it's harder for women to flirt with each other, as we frequently can't tell how much flirting may be ok, who's straight and who's open, and whether a connection we may be feeling is a friendly one or one with potential chemistry to explore. And, when cis & hetero presenting, we are sometimes made to feel too straight for gay spaces, and so are left to guess in mixed environments.

This event is a small step towards diminishing bi, queer and gay femme invisibility, enabling and encouraging women to connect romantically and physically to other women. We hope to be a place of empowerment and support for your exploration, even if you're just starting out or are unsure about your orientation. Explore and push your boundaries in a safe space, while enjoying our lush intimate Loft and delicious cocktails.

We start with "Flirting for Femmes" mini Bedroom Badass class with Vonka 8:30-9:30pm, followed by ice breaker practice, and then a mixer + makeout party giving you a chance to reinforce your new skills. Don't need the class? Come for the party and flirt with a roomful of fem-identifying humans.

Dress code: dress in whatever makes you feel sexy, however feminine or masculine you feel. We won't enforce the dress code as strictly as at Lip Service, but we respectfully ask for no casual attire. You're coming to flirt!

Who can attend: self-identifying women of all genders who want to connect with other women, from bi-curious to gay. While HoS events are usually more pansexual, we're going to keep this one a safe space without cis men; NB folks welcome if interested in women. Important: HoS is a TERF-free zone! Trans women are women, and we  you.

HoS rules: HoS membership required; dress code, PAL or prior approval not required; Code of Conduct always applies; no photos except in the designated front area.

COVID safety: HoS requires proof of vaccination on file; masks encouraged; windows will be partially open for ventilation; two hospital grade UV air purifiers will cycle the air.