Femme Dom Game Night

  • Hosted by SheMagick Events
  • NY -
  • 16 people on the list-

Enjoy a night of games and chatting! From 6-9pm, in Brooklyn, we'll be playing a range of board games, card games, and more. And from 9pm-10/11pm, games will be put away and we'll move upstairs to hang out in the lounge/bar area to continue chatting. Feel free to come for the games portion or the casual bar hang. This is an informal night where you can come and go as you please. Arrive when you can and leave when you desire.

Tables will be set up for folks to join a game of UNO, Taboo, Bullshit, What Do You Meme, the list goes on. Games will be situated on the bottom floor while the space to relax for a break and lounge will be upstairs. Make new friends or meet the Dominant you've been looking for. Either way, come have a blast in a safe and welcoming evironment.

This event will NOT involve any BDSM play. All play will be regular, vanilla board games, card games, etc.

Have a game you love? Bring it! All your games are welcome.

Also know, we usually hang out for longer than the event time end says. We'll often head to a bar for food and drinks after the game night or will order food and just relax in the space for longer!

As with all SheMagick Events this event is for female-identified, Nonbinary, and GNC Dominants and the folks that love us. We are a Queer and BIPOC centered group.

Event venue serves snack food (mozarella sticks, tots, fries, etc.) and both alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks. Card, Google Pay, Apple Pay accepted only. In other words, a cashless venue.