Femme Play Party

This is a femme only intimate heart-centered experiential sessy play party to nourish your body and soul.

Faciltated by Dr. Hazel-Grace Yates and Soriya Case

The dazzling Soriya Case and Dr. Hazel-Grace Yates are teaming up AGAIN to co-create a sessy and love filled memorable evening of exploring curiosities and erotic desires in a consciously curated playground.

With the combination of authentic relating exercises, somatic sess skills and embodied wheel of consent practices, you will be sweetly ushered into meaningful connections for you to explore a wide array of erotic delights.

Often times, as femme creatures we have a difficult time asking for what we want, saying our Yes and our No’s - and this evening is designed to support us in the practice of claiming our desires and honoring our moment to moment truths.

This is a sober and substance and alcohol-free event.

**This event has sold out every time, so grab your ticket early!


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The Evening Journey:

We will start warmly and slowly with grounding, connection to self, clarity of intentions and desires. Together we will create the safest possible sess-positive container to explore curiosities, play, and pleasure! We will discuss boundaries, agreements and safer sess conversations.

Hazel-Grace and Soriya will guide you through a series of partner-based exercises that will allow you to dive deeply into the layers of embodied consent, claiming desires, and exploring sensations. You will get to rotate to a new person per exercise, so that you can create many meaningful connections before we transition to free play time.

With our warmth rising and juicy connections, we will shift from the structured portion of the evening and move into open play and yummy erotic play stations.


You are invited if you are:

* A Newcomer

* An Experienced player

* Single, coupled, or moresomes


Anticipated Schedule:

6:00 pm - Door opens

6:30 pm - Doors LOCK & Opening Circle Begins

6:30 pm - Opening circle + guided consent and sensation games

8:30 pm - Play stations and open play

11: 30 pm - Closing Circle

11:45 pm - Good byes!


Our Yummy Erotic Play Stations Include:

- Sensual body painting

- Strap on play

- Connective Rope and Bondage Play

- Tantalizing and Sensual Claws

- Impact and flogging

- Sensation station

- Erotic Massage


What does "femme" mean for this event?

Those who identify as a: Woman, transwoman, non-binary AFAB or anyone who identifies as a femme.


What to Bring:

* Your favorite sensation or sessy toys and/or lube/coconut oil

* A personal towel, sheet or sarong to place beneath you if you remove your clothes or are playing

* Water bottle

* Personal food to nourish yourself for the evening

* Non-alcoholic beverages


Grab your spot here:


Questions you may be pondering…..

What if I don’t have a date?

No worries! We specifically design our events that if you show up solo you will feel integrated, connected, included and woven into our ever growing community.

What if I don't identify as a lesbian? Do I need to be into femmes?

You do not need to be “into” femmes to attend. (Hazel-Grace identifies as hetero-leaning pansexual and finds joy and pleasure in playing with femme bodies!). This is our chance to PLAY be curious and find our pleasures!

I don’t know if I will want to play - Can I still attend?

If you decide you want to spend the evening just watching and taking it all in, you get to do that without shame and with pleasure! We find at most of our events people imagine before attending that they won’t feel comfortable playing, and more often than not, they find some way to engage that is comfortable, safe and fun for them.

How Do I Dress?

Dress in something that feels sessy! You can wear as little or as much as you want, but make it sessy and comfy. If you feel stressed about what to wear, we suggest bringing outfit changes. Feel free to bring extra outfits to share during the play party.

What others said about their Femme Play Party Experience:

"Before the event, I was incredibly nervous (diagnosed anxiety) even though many of my friends were there. I went outside my comfort zone and learned to ask for the things I want. I was able to fulfill a fantasy I've been keeping secret, but because it was a femme event, I felt completely comfortable fulfilling this fantasy."

"IT WAS INCREDIBLE! Everyone was so supportive and caring. I was told my enthusiasm was contagious and really helped others to be more comfortable in opening up. I am so grateful I went and opened myself up to a new experience!"

"Before the event I felt disconnected from my body, my sessuality, my power. I was seeking grounding and that is exactly what the event brought. I felt safe, connected in an environment that did not make me feel any pressure, any awkwardness or any body shaming of any sort. After the event I felt beautiful, seen, empowered and hopeful. I found myself crying later on because it has been so long since I felt like it was safe to be vulnerable and sessual in such a wholesome way."

"I was so nervous about this event that I nearly talked myself out of buying a ticket. I was excited for the chance to try something new, and escape my comfort zone. When I arrived, I was overwhelmed at first, because there were so many people, so many body shapes and sizes and the space was larger than I expected. Hazel-Grace was such a welcoming person and heard my concerns and worries right from the start. The party was more than I could have hoped for, and although I felt a bit silly during the meditation and connection games, I quickly settled into the powerful femme vibes of the night and felt a comfort among nudity and sexuality I never had before. Afterward, I was still buzzing from the energy and realization that under the right circumstances, shame and repression was not something I felt, and discomfort was a matter of the energy around me. I would attend one of these parties again in a heartbeat and can't thank Hazel-Grace and Soriya enough for the safety, love and warmth they provided."

"I'm asexual and often sex-repulsed most days. This party was such an amazing environment because, for the first time, I was able to be around sex and nude bodies without that gut instinct to shy away and be uncomfortable. At no point did I feel like I didn't belong, even though I participated very little. THANK YOU."


About The Facilitators:

Dr. Hazel-Grace Yates is a radical permissionist and pleasure warrior here to help eradicate global toxic sess shame. Through her compassion, playful and dynamic facilitation, she is endlessly passionate about humans celebrating their bodies and soul.

With more than 12 years experience as an innovative educator, she brings a unique blend of professional know-how, playful curiosity, authentic communication and personal vulnerability to her practice.

She is a trauma-informed somatic sess educator, certified sess coach, sessological bodywork practitioner, and founder of Sess Catalyst Academy - training world-class sex-positive facilitator and leaders. (

Soriya Case: A professional cuddler, certified tantra educator, dominatrix, former social worker, practicing real estate agent, and a student in Deathschool to become a death doula, Soriya is busy. In her downtime, Soriya enjoys solo dates, spending time with her polyfam and her many lovers, mangosteens, and gazing at yummy art. In her uptime, Soriya is a loving and nurturing mama of two and a dedicated helper of people, even the mean ones, which are her least favorite kind. Soriya is known for her good looks, quirky fetishes, and her sick collection of feather earrings. She is passionate about creating safe judgment-free spaces for humans to explore their sessuality, deep dark desires, and heal their sexual traumas. Soriya just wants you to be happy, live your best life, and she believes pleasure is a way to get there.

Despite her many accomplishments, Soriya considers herself a lifelong learner, workshop junkie, and has a long list of dreams, but at the end of day, this slutty shapeshifting vampire longs to be Dexter’s girlfriend.


What people say about Hazel-Grace's Play Parties:

"This was my first play party, and I'm so glad I took the risk to come. I felt very held by the expectations and norms the facilitators established, and thus able to explore new territory without crossing my own safety boundaries. It was so refreshing and connective to be in an authentic, erotic space with others where my whole self felt welcome." -Rachel

"Hazel Grace and her team create an amazingly loving, play space. Whether you're in the beginning stages of curiosity, or more 'seasoned,' there is something for everybody, and EVERY BODY is welcome. As a Somatic Educator, I was surprised at the vulnerability I felt in the days leading up to the event - that melted once I entered the space. Hazel Grace is so approachable and genuinely concerned about everyone in her midst, and the container she sets is impeccable." - Amy McFarling, 44, female, Somatic Educator, Boulder, CO

"This event is about so much more than sess exploration. It is about coming to know ourselves - exploring and identifying our yeses and nos in a safe and supportive container. The whole experience was deeply healing for me."

"I wanted to thank you for such a beautiful, connecting opening ceremony today at your event! I have never experienced such intimacy with strangers and found it thrilling and enjoyable. Thank you for being approachable and a lovely hostess!!"

"This was truly a life-changing event. I’ve never felt more liberated in my life!"

"During the event, I felt safe and open. The event was organized to emphasize that no one is wrong in what they want and no one had to participate in anything they didn’t want to do. So thankful to have a judge-free place to figure things out for myself. Everyone was accepted no matter their body, color, or creed. I want to keep that openness and not to underestimate my wants and needs." - C. C.

"Such a safe space for both newbies and pros alike to come together, learn, and play. The time was really taken out to ensure everyone is on the same page and that there's no such thing as a dumb question. A great event to start and continue your journey of shedding yourself of shame."

"I'm so thrilled to find this community and to get the opportunity to explore conscious relating through sessuality. I've been waiting for this my entire adult life."

"This was my first introduction to any kind of play party, and this was exactly what I needed to experience to break through anxieties and self-doubt. It took me a while to really start feeling comfortable asking for what I wanted (no fault of anyone but me restricting myself) and the opening ceremony revolving around consent and comfort was just enlightening and empowering."

"I didn’t know anyone going into this event. I felt periods of nervousness, calmness, anxiety, and pleasure throughout the day, but being around so many new people and new experiences has left me feeling fulfilled and curious as to what my capabilities are for future sessual experiences, not being afraid to ask for what I want and also saying ‘no’ when the situation doesn’t feel 100% right." - Dara

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