F'in Precious [In Person]


Spring is coming! The flowers will be blooming! Our hearts are booming! Will you be our special guest to F’IN PRECIOUS: HAPPY HEARTS EDITION? Let’s hug and snug and warm ourselves up with a night of cutesy flirtsy fun! For this party’s craft, we’ll have supplies for making Valentines! Decorate a card and give it to a friend, or that special someone. We’ll also have a fun soundtrack - come bop around with us! As always, dressing on theme is welcome, and never required!

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F’in Precious is an 18+ party featuring ageplay and petplay-appropriate activities and music! We set out to make a fun and inviting space specifically for littles, pets, caregivers, handlers, primals, and furries - whatever your interest, everyone is welcome! This is a space for people of all gender expressions, sexual orientations, and styles of play to feel comfortable being themselves.

(Masking will become optional at in person CSPC events after February 1st)

Each party features an upstairs social space with games, activities, a special craft for each event, and lots of space to sit, snuggle, and socialize! We also have a diaper changing area with supplies provided - including free diapers from ABU! For the first two hours, upstairs is “lights on,” and we limit play to non-sexual and no nudity outside the diaper change area. After two hours, we go “lights off,” and all forms of play are allowed upstairs.

We also have a downstairs dungeon space that is open for all forms of play the whole party, equipped with BDSM furniture, safer sex supplies, and wrestling mats for petplay moshing and primal play. Let your naughty side out to play!

Want to come? Purchase your tickets online! Tickets are only available through online purchase; we do not sell tickets at the door. Registration for this party is limited to a maximum of 140 tickets.

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