Fireside Chat

  • Hosted by SPLA
  • Los Angeles, CA -

Ready to discover what’s next for you on your own sex positive journey? This is a social, discussion oriented event where you can jump in, explore, get connected to the SPLA community as we all work together to create a more peacefully sex positive world.

Whether this will be your very first event or one more interesting touchstone in a long journey of sex positive experiences ... we want to spend a few hours with you!

Those of us with experience in Sex Positive LA will be orienting newcomers to what it can mean to have a community of sex positive explorers at your side to help us each navigate towards our truest selves. This is a gathering meant to be a great starting place for newcomers as well as an inspiring experience for long time community members too.

Although this is an L1 event and we attempt to set a safe container for all, it is an open and vulnerable discussion; difficult topics may come up and the experiences shared may be triggering. 


This is a members-only event, but you can bring 1 guest. Please include that guest when you RSVP. We will only allow 30 people in the space!


This is a residential dead end street. Please double check to make sure you are not blocking a driveway. If there isn't any parking left you may park on Victory Blvd. Read The Signs. (No parking TOW ZONE weekdays 4-7pm) Ranchito and Costello are close residential streets with parking as well.

**Parking has been tight lately for residents to park on our dead end street so please out of respect for our neighbors… carpool, ride share, Uber, Lyft or park on Victory Blvd. or the neighboring streets mentioned.

PLEASE ENTER THRU THE DRIVEWAY with the market lights to the back studio. Please exit this way as well.


Please bring a healthy snack and/or drink to share! Cold water provided. Please bring your own water bottle to stay green!

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