Flexible Solutions for Real Life D/s

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Class Description

Much has been written and taught about making D/s work in a co-habiting, often monogamous setting. Those real life situations lend themselves well to many wonderful strategies that make D/s (or M/s) rich.

Yet all around us, creative families also thrive in D/s relationships that don’t take place in-person full-time and which may be connected to larger networks involving other relationships.

  • How does that work?
  • How do the D and s partners maintain connection when they don’t live together?
  • Can they still be considered as having a 24/7 relationships?
  • How do the parties keep their agreements, rituals and protocols fresh and viable ?
  • How do the parties work with the other partners, relationships and life situations that impact the D and the s separately?
  • What are the other challenges (and opportunities) involved in creating and maintaining such relationships?
  • Dominus Damane will answer these questions and more, and offer time-tested suggestions for thriving in a D/s relationship that can be particularly complex and nuanced.

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Presenter Bio

Dominus Marath Damane has been active in the kink community for over 13 years. She is a leatherwoman; a graduate of the Leather Quest Class of 2014 in San Francisco and a long time participant in and contributor to the Foundations community in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Marath is passionate about education and intentional community building and pursues a path of personal growth and skill mastery. She also finds great pleasure and fulfillment in Extreme Authority Exchange (EAE) relationships, about which she will offer us her experienced-based wisdom. Marath prefers the honorific “Dominus” and the pronouns she/her. She can be reached at Marath_Damane on Fetlife.

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