Learn to Flirt: In-Person Workshop

  • Hosted by Plura Bay Area
  • San Francisco, CA - address sent to ticket holders
  • 150 people on the list

Bloom Community and Sex-Positive Bay Area present: an in-person flirting workshop!

Interactive, immersive workshop. Go from shy & awkward silence to confident flirting!

Is flirting a challenge for you? Don't know where to start, what to say? Are you scared of being awkward, or being rejected? Worry no more! This immersive workshop will completely demystify the subject. You will go from shy & silent to fluently flirting - and having fun doing it!

This workshop will cover:

  • How to approach
  • The key 3 secrets to flirting
  • How to build chemistry
  • Understanding body language
  • Reading the room: are they into you?
  • Win-win: Creating complicity
  • How to never be rejected
  • And more!

Throughout the workshop, you will be invited to actively flirt with others. In a fun, non-judgmental setting, you'll be able to role play flirting - with no attachment to outcome.

By the end of the night, you'll know a lot more, you'll have new skills, AND you'll have more fun than you thought possible.

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