Foundations of Open Relating for Wild and Tender Hearts

If you’re here, you've likely already taken the first steps towards exploring unconventional ways of relating. You want something different than the status quo - maybe you want to change or break patterns of the past, and you’re willing to bravely challenge everything you’ve ever been told in order to find or create the loving relationships that fit who you truly are. But maybe you still have a lot of questions. Maybe you know that the answers aren’t found by just adopting a different set of rules, but are instead somewhere within yourself. But how can you find what’s right for you and trust yourself when everything you were ever taught feels wrong?

Here’s what I know. 

Connection is your birthright. You are designed to have relationships that are nourishing, authentic, loving, joyful, and meaningful – relationships that celebrate your unique qualities and empower you to grow and thrive.

I actually can’t tell you how you’ll get there. What I can do is offer you a container to help you discover your path, show you tools to help you walk down it, and hold a supportive community of folks who are doing the same right alongside you.

This and more is what you will receive in Foundations of Open Relating for Wild and Tender Hearts. Over 16 weeks, you will learn and practice tools that in my experience are essential to any relationship, but especially ones that go off-script. You’ll also have the opportunity to be coached in-group by me, Libby Sinback, the host and creator of the Making Polyamory Work podcast. This is an experiential space like no other.

In this immersive program, you'll be invited to:

1. Dig into your values and your “why” for relationships. This is your backbone and your compass that you will come back to again and again to support you and guide your decisions.

2. Practice relational empowerment, and “power with” relating.

3. Discover what it means for you to have healthy boundaries between you and others, and between you and you. 

4. Learn the most important relationship skill that, without it, makes all other skills pointless. (Hint: it’s not about communication.)

5. Understand what creates a secure foundation for yourself and how to build security through the process of rupture and repair with your partners

6. Create agreements that actually work, as well as a framework for how to adjust agreements as relationships grow and change.

7. Cultivate pleasure and joy in yourself and your connections with others

8. Create rituals that infuse your relationships with meaning and purpose

The Foundations of Open Relating for Wild and Tender Hearts 16-week program includes:

- Pre-recorded, scaffolded teaching modules on various aspects of the pillars of integrated open relating

- Weekly 2-hour live group sessions for integration, practice and coaching led by Libby

- A community of like-minded individuals who share your passion for relational living and unconventional relationships

- An private online space for further group discussions and personal reflections led by peer mentors

- Bonus resources, including bonus workshops, worksheets and guided meditations

- Access to our regular alumni calls once you’ve completed the program, continuing the journey with Libby and fellow wild and tender hearts

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