FREE Nourishing Non-Monogamy Preview (Online Event)

Do you want to feel less insecure and more empowered in your ability to craft intentional and consensual non-monogamous relationships?

Join relationship coach and somatic facilitator Aria Diana for a free meditative online event inviting you to cultivate deeper self awareness and listen to the wisdom in your body, enhancing your ability to relate to yourself and your partner(s).

After an introduction to her personal history with consensual non-monogamy and why she created this group coaching program, she'll lead a centering meditation and an intro to the 3-pronged approach to somatic coaching (somatic awareness, somatic opening & somatic practicing) so you can understand how she's approaching this transformative journey we’ll go on together.

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Learn more about Aria's upcoming full 12-week transformational group coaching program, Nourishing Non-Monogamy, launching on the spring equinox (Tuesday, March 19th)!

What participants in Aria's past non-monogamy workshops are saying:

“Having a space to connect, reflect, and converse with people at various stages of non-monogamy was truly a dream. Aria curated a beautiful blend of meaningful conversations and group dynamics that felt easy to participate in. Being able to discuss openly about our successes & struggles made me feel less alone in this monogamy-centered world. I left the experience feeling supported and empowered!” - Craig, he/him, polyamorous for 6+ years
“I loved the carefully crafted facilitation. Incredibly nourishing & well-curated!” -Oaxana, she/her, bisexual, ethically non-monogamous, open & polyamorous for 1.5 years
“One of the most enjoyable parts of interacting with Aria is the way she makes people feel welcome, no matter their experience level with different types of polyamory and open relationships.” - Austin, he/him, open for 2 years
“Sometimes it can feel isolating to be in a non-monogamous relationship as most of my friends are monogamous and can’t offer advice from their own experience. Having conversations with other people in similar situations felt really unique and meaningful.” - Mike, he/him, straight, non-monogamous for 7 years
“Aria is a gifted facilitator who creates safe containers for exploration and discovery.” - Linden, he/him, open for 11 years