Free Rapid Testing

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 Let's talk STI testing and open communication because your health and well-being matter! Join us for an enlightening event at our STI Testing Clinic, where we'll dive into the importance of regular testing and fostering open discussions with your partners. 

 Fourth Thursdays  1 pm - 6 pm

 In a world where knowledge is power, Stanislaus Public Health is giving you the power to start important conversations.

 A judgment-free environment where you can ask questions, receive expert advice, and connect with others who share

 Whether you're in a committed relationship, casually dating, or exploring your options, our space is a judgment-free zone. Regular testing and open discussions with partners are crucial

 Spread the word, invite your friends, and let's create a community that prioritizes sexual health and fosters open conversations. Knowledge is empowering, and together we can keep our community healthy. 

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