Free Your Voice while Drumming 10-wk Outdoor Class w/ Phoenix Song

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8 rhythms + 8 songs = Full Joy! Learn to drum and sing at the same time in this playful total brain workout. All levels, beginners welcome!

Free Your Voice while Drumming Outdoors in a park near my house!

This 10-class series runs Saturdays from April 13-June 15 with May 4 off, 2-3:30pm. Double class and potluck brunch noon-4pm on June 15th. OK to join late up to week 3. Groups strive to be minimum 50% Black, Indigenous, mixed-race and people of color and LGBTQIA.

Amaze yourself and free your singer & drummer. Get expressive on your drum (djembe, doumbek, cajon, and conga recommended but pots, pans, and buckets welcome if you don't have access to a drum), rock out, and sing! All levels welcome including total beginners (yes, it's possible to sing & drum together in session 1!) You will be amazed at what you can accomplish in 90 minutes! We will also learn polyrhythms from West Africa. 1/3 of the class will be singing and drumming North African and Latin rhythms, 1/3 playing West African polyrhythms and singing, and 1/3 jamming/drum circle improv. $395 for 10 classes.

In 10 fun weeks, we will cover:

--fundamental drum strokes--bass, tone, slap, pop, and touch

--good drumming technique

--healthy vocal technique (breath support, releasing throat tension, using your mask for projection, resonance)

--world rhythms from Mali, Guinea, Egypt, Morocco, Brazil, Cuba & more

--funk, rock, blues & hip hop rhythms & world songs

--trance rhythms (opening and closing rhythms) from North Africa


--drum circles, grooving, jamming, unleashing your voice as you drum, and lotsa play! We're going to cut loose together and get ecstatic!

This workshop is for all people: total beginners, those with trauma around their voices, the rhythmically challenged, and experienced singers and drummers. Everyone will benefit.

Testimonials: “Phoenix Song's class – Free Your Voice while Drumming – was outstanding. Phoenix is a superb teacher who makes learning drum polyrhythms accessible and fun. Phoenix sets up the songs and rhythms with varying levels of challenge, and always encourages us with heart and a smile. It’s more than just the rhythms – it’s really a magical experience that has liberated new possibilities in my music and my being.” Lisa F

“They break down rhythm in a way that makes it incredibly tangible for a total beginner to percussion. And then they teach you to integrate your voice while drumming! An awesome teacher.” –Jai S

“I recommend this class! Phoenix created a supportive space for learning, stretching, listening, and curiosity. I appreciate how you’re able to create a community while at the same time encourage the individual within it.”–Lucy A

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