FRESH MEET 💾 Dirty Computer

To commemorate the three-year anniversary of our fateful 2020 shutdown,

we’re joining forces with our kinky friends

Hit Me Up (

to bring one of our wildest digital getdowns to life.

Together, we’ll be dialing up with modems absolutely blaring at House Of Yes ( for a cyber-fest worth putting your AIM away message up for.


the floppiest disks

the hardest of drives

videos that take days to load

illicitly downloaded music

chatroom flirtations with strangers

kinky cord management

porn malware ruining the family computer


At 11pm, we transition into the afterparty Dirty Thursday: Y2K ( to dance til the download is done.

The Dress Code is Y2K Cyber Chic so stun in your Oakleys, drip in your Claire’s, and shine like a CD-R.

Need inspiration?


FRESH MEET is an event where ENM, polyam, non-traditional + curious folx over cocktails and throwback grooves. Whether you’re already deep into the scene, dipping in for the first time, or just an open-minded reveler looking for a good hang, we got you. Mingle, flirt, play our weird-ass party games, enjoy the drink specials, and maybe even take away a tasty lil midnight snaq.