FTW – A Night for Gaming & Sex-Positive Community

FTW – A Night for Gaming & Sex-Positive Community 

Games, Movies, Snuggles, Puzzles, Community! 

Tired of playing your favorite games online and never getting to interact directly with your fellow gamers? Now you can live that in-person gaming experience twice a month during FTW – A Night for Gaming & Community at Catalyst. This is a good opportunity to meet Darklady and other community members in a low-stress, no-pressure, social environment.

Bring your own games or play one of ours; be they board, card, or RPG. Jigsaw puzzles are also welcome. Those who want to make friends, learn how to play various games, or generally hang out and groove are welcome to join us. A video or movie room is possible if so desired. 

If you are so inclined, bring some finger food to share. Non-alcoholic beverages will be available for purchase.




7pm – 11pm

Catalyst is delighted to partner with Bloom Community, a queer-positive social, dating, and community app. Bloom Community helps connect people to events and others seeking connection with those who share their community values. What are those values? Consent, Communication, and Respect. You can download the Bloom app here (iOS/Android) and follow Catalyst to see upcoming events on it. You can also chat 1:1 with others in the community.

Catalyst is a sex-positive, gender-affirming, IAA+ safe space. Please respect the pronouns and gender identities of others. The space is wheelchair-accessible and ADA-compliant.

The entrance is off the alley behind the 7-11 and through the ornate green security gate. If there is no gate attendant, ring the bell to the left of the gate.


Catalyst Attendance Covid Policy

Masks are recommended, but not required.

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