Full Moon Circle

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This monthly full moon circle provides space to heal in community and with nature's rhythms. You will learn practices to soothe your nervous system and build resilience. You may participate from where you feel comfortable- a mat on the floor, lying in bed, sitting in a chair, wherever you can connect to yourself. 

Our 90 minutes together includes:  

-Moving meditation for all bodies 

-Journaling and reflection  

-Sharing and connection

This is a healing-centered time to release the hurt caused by being human in a rough and beautiful world.

Class is pay what you want, no questions asked. 

This is not exercise or exertion; practice from bed, a chair, or your mat!

We begin with grounding and orienting, a gentle warm up, and a quick overview, and then practice Nonlinear Movement Method. Set to instrumental music and guided prompts, you:

move as you feel,

move to release,

move for pleasure,

and move to expand.

Followed by a period of rest followed and journaling, we then have time together- to connect, reflect, and question. Sessions promptly so that you don't have to watch the clock. Your camera may be on or off.

All are welcome. This series is designed for people of all gender identities and expression who have felt the physical, mental, and emotional effects of systemic and interpersonal violence. Please join us if you are committed to building community alongside people of the global majority and learning in an LGBTQIA2S+ environment.  

What is nonlinear movement?

The foundational stages of healing trauma- feeling, processing, finding joy, and integrating- create the intuitive foundation for The Nonlinear Movement Method. Survivors' own natural intelligence guides them through gentle movement and self-exploration, empowering participants to release chronic pain, fatigue, and embedded patterns. Survivors embody the healing process as they move through physical, psychological, and emotional stuck points, fear, overwhelm, and past experiences toward expansion, freedom, and momentum through the felt sense. watch a quick intro-

Use somatic movement as a natural, simple healing resource!

What does Made from Fire mean? In nature, certain species thrive after wildfire. Survivors have that same power, strength, and life force. Read more:

Made from Fire is a space for survivors of interpersonal trauma, founded by a survivor, Emily Stewart. I present trauma informed movement classes to encourage vibrancy, wellbeing, and pleasure. I am a trauma informed educator who carefully designs sessions as supportive spaces. I trained to center people with disabilities, and I myself live with physical disabilities and the effects of complex trauma. I am certified in the The Nonlinear Movement Method as well as Yoga for Trauma Recovery and completed my 200 hour yoga teacher training through Open Up. I hold a Masters in Teaching and have enjoyed a professional career working with children and adults in individual, academic, nonprofit, and corporate settings.

Please reach out for more information, testimonials, or any questions you have.

I believe that Black lives matter; trans* rights are human rights; and the LGBQTI+ community deserves to be treated with dignity, compassion, and care. I engage in continual education to become a more competent, inclusive provider, and as a gay, intersectional feminist, I know I can always do better. Submit anonymous feedback at or send message me when that arises. Transparency and feedback play a large part in my growth, and I value your role in that.