5/25 Fusion Dance Workshop ft. Jason Potell "Learn the Ways of the Force (to Dance)"

5/25 Fusion Dance Workshop ft. Jason Potell "Learn the Ways of the Force (to Dance)"

"Learn the Ways of the Force (to Dance)"

3hr Fusion Dancing Workshop @ FlowState.Studio

Workshop before the May 5/25 "Fusion Odyssey" Dance

💵 Price 💵

$35 early-bird / $40 at the door

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💃🏻 About the Workshop ft. Jason Potell 💃🏻

"Learn the Ways of the Force (to Dance)"

3 hour workshop before Fusion Odyssey for dancers of all backgrounds and skill levels to boost their fusion skills to the next level!

📅 Schedule 📅

🕒 3p - 6p Workshop

🤔 About The Workshop 🤯

"Learn the Ways of the Force (to Dance)"

In honor of May the Fourth, this month's lesson will focus on connecting our energy field with our partner's, in order to lead and follow a dance without touching.

We will begin with some basic movements, and build to more complex steps that you might be surprised are possible without physical contact.

While this class is a nod to Star Wars, this technique is actually a fundamental concept in some partner dances and provides a critically important lesson about connection and frame.

Once you understand how much communication you can have without touch, once you bring touch back you will be that much closer to mastering that elusive "strong but gentle" feeling we social dancers yearn for.

We would be honored if you would join us!

🧳 Things to Bring 🩰

Non-street dance shoes or dance-able socks

👖 Things to Wear 👕

Avoid wearing jeans or constrictive pants to the workshop if you can.

💃🏻 About Your Hosts 💃🏻

JASON POTELL has a deep love for culture, art, and dance. He spent many years traveling the world, studying dances in their home countries. From tango in Argentina, to casino/son/rumba in Cuba, to waltz in Vienna, to zouk in Brazil, he loves understanding the links between culture, people, and dance. He teaches over 25 different dance styles, but has a special love for fusion, zouk and tango. He helped found the fusion dance scene in Washington, DC, and was its primary instructor for many years before relocating to Los Angeles.

PATRICK HAUGEN will be around to check you in and ensure water is filled and assist with any other needs.

📍 Location and directions on the website 📍

🙋🏻 Help! 🙋🏻

Message one of the organizers if having issues locating, but refer to the website for details first!

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