Fusion Flow Afterglow!

  • Hosted by San Diego Fusion Dance
  • San Diego, CA -
  • 13 people on the list-

FUSION FLOW will be Friday MAY 26th from 8 - Midnight!

2650 Truxtun Road, Suite 200, San Diego, CA 92106

- Tons of free parking!

- Wheelchair accessible!

- Walking distance to food and drinks!

For this event you will either need to be VAXXED, or provide a picture with your face and a negative same day rapid test in it at the door. I will have a small amount of rapid test available at the door.

Safety is key so we can all dance together 😊 If you have any flu or cold symptoms, please protect our community by staying home for this one. Don’t worry, there will be more ❤️


GLOW WITH MEEEEE!! Come ready to GLOW!

What to wear?

White is a guaranteed glow, but if you wanna be more creative fluorescent green, pink, yellow, and orange are the safest bets. Purple, red and blue colors are hit and miss. It won't be pitch black, we still wanna see each other, so the brighter the color the more you will shine! I will also have some glow in the dark body markers and glow. sticks to play with In case you're a full time goth with an all black closet 😉


In the works, so stay tuned.


Pay at The Door - Venmo/Paypal/Cash

Class+Dance $15

Dance only $12

8-9 Fusion lesson / workshop

9-12 Social Dance

If you're interested in being a DJ, leading a workshop, or have any recommendations send a DM. Will always prioritize, queer, BIPOC and fem folks who show any interest in DJing, teaching, demoing are performing 🙂


- Fusion Flow is a queer inclusive, anti-racist, consent forward space.

- We use our words to ask for dances.

- We are free to say "no thank you" to a dance for any reason or no reason at all.

- We are free to say "yes" to a dance for any reason or no reason at all.

- We love it when our friends own their "no" and uphold their own boundaries! We don't take that personally.

- We don't assume dance roles (lead, follow, switch) based on gender expression. We ask our partners about their preferred roles, or inform them of our own.


Fusion is an inclusive partner dance that invites dancers from all backgrounds to bring their unique movement onto the dance floor where they can combine, play, and *fuse* their styles to create something new together. Whether this is your first time on a dance floor or you have been dancing for years… whether your background is in blues, bachata, west coast, lindy, ballroom, contact improv, zouk, tango, or any style… All you need is to be willing to be creative, present and connect with your partner.

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