Game Nights at Guildhall by Dark Magic Society

Dark Magic Society is a private social club. In order to attend our private events we hold in person interviews.  

However, we love to give back to our kinky community. This is an event open to the public 21+. Grab a drink and a game then meet us in the back. We will have a teddy bear on the check in table and you will get a nametag to denote you are part of our group. 

We don't discriminate or exclude; all genders, orientations, ages, and fetishes are welcome, so stop on by and get to know your kinky neighbors! Please remember to be friendly and respectful. We want to maintain a welcoming atmosphere so that everyone from a newbie to a seasoned veteran can feel comfortable.

No predatory behavior allowed. This is not a meat market. No sex. No nudity. No inappropriate behavior. This is a public space and event to allow our community funtastic place to socialize. Please report immediately any undesirable behavior to me.

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