Gather... before we Cluster* for Homecoming

  • Hosted by Bonobo Network
  • Oakland, CA -
  • 22 people on the list-

Let’s Gather before we Cluster! 

Gather is Cluster’s meetup, it is a fantastic way for the young non-monogamous community to get to know each other with our clothes on and in a low-pressure environment. Want to know what Cluster* and Bonobo Network is? Come on out then! You are welcome to bring friends and lovers who've never been to a Bonobo event but who may be interested! This event is for 40 and under, however guest over the age of 40 are welcome to join as the guest of a person under 40.

 First time? Want to know what it is? Come on out, take a name tag, write out your pronouns, order some food and drinks and get to know your community even better. Feeling shy? Don’t be afraid of these people they are naughty in the nicest ways… Grab one of the hosts and we'll help you feel welcomed.

Please remember, though, that we're looking for people who'll be GREAT fits with our culture: we are looking for excellent people with sex-positive values who are committed to treating one another excellently: kindly, empathetically, consensually, inclusively, pleasurably, and supportively! They want to do sexy parties in community instead of in anonymity. They see the appeal in treating play parties as high possibility, low expectation spaces. They value consent. They're trustworthy. They are both supportive and supportable. Do you know these people? Because they're whom we want to see at the event.

Mad Oak Bar - 135 12TH STREET, OAKLAND, CA, 94607

Can't wait to see all your lovely faces!

COVID safety: Please discuss your risk factors with each other as it pertains to covid. Physical contact and close proximity with explicit consent.

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