Gender blender brunch!

  • Hosted by SexPositive Portland
  • Portland, OR -
  • 15 people on the list-

Come play and explore! Get dressed up, swap clothes, play with jewelry, makeup, gender expressions... we can even do a runway and some glamor shots!

What to Bring

Potluck brunch: bring something to share, or don't, if it's hard to pull off.

Bring some clothes that you'd love to swap, and see them on your new friends!

Bring some of your favorite clothes if you want to take some photos. Bring wigs, suits, ties, special pieces, or anything you can share for a day that people might like trying on for a bit.

Bring some makeup, jewelry, things you want to alter or repair, we'll set up a couple of sewing machines, some jewelry tools and we may have some folks that can help with tips and tricks.


We can try out all kinds of roles, you can go with your faves, or try on some brave stuff while we cheer you on!

We'll do a runway show, and bring out the good camera lenses for folks who want to take a little memento home.

Target Audience

This event is for eeeeeeveryone: gender explorers, cis people who want to get dolled up, trans folks who want to support people exploring, cis folks who want to experience themselves differently for a day, or anyone who wants to hang out and play dressup. You can bring a friend!

This event is social, not sexy, but there will probably be nudity and people getting dressed. We'll probably be in the basement to beat the heat.

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