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Are you looking for a night of debauchery and to blow off some steam? Then come to Berkeley for GenderFuck Night at Steamworks Bathhouse, where any gender can come and get their fuck on.

Basic entry includes a locker, but there are 50+ private rooms of various sizes and features (Want a sling? How about cameras that broadcast your room to a channel on all the TVs in the place?) All rooms are cleaned between guests, have a bed platform, fresh sheets on a waterproof vinyl mattress, a TV with like 30 channels of various kinds of porn, full doors that can lock, and a locking cabinet for all your stuff. There’s an amazing steam room, a sauna, showers, unlimited towel service, private clean-out stalls, whirlpool, gym, snack and accessory vending machines, lounge area, and a whole section in the back with various kinky gay features and accoutrements like glory holes. They have a live DJ for the event and the sound system plays throughout. Free condoms and lube for those who partake, all you really need to bring is toys and some shower shoes. There’s even a chalkboard for posting hookup messages.

if you have any interest at all, add yourself to the event and join the chat. New/different spaces like this can be intimidating to the unfamiliar. Some group connections in advance can create esprit de corps to push individual feelings of trepidation and solitude out of the way enough for excitement and safety to take over. Make a low-expectations buddy to visit together :)

Check the link to Steamworks’ events page. From there you can click to pricing and club rules/policies. All tickets/entry is at the door, no advance tickets. Student IDs get discounts.

My DMs are always open for private questions, just join the event and have some sexy fun

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