Good Omens/ Angels and Demons Party (Members and their guests only)

  • Hosted by Dark Magic Society
  • Los Angeles, CA -
  • 21 people on the list-

Celebrate the new season of Good Omens by joining Dark Magic Society's private event as an angel, demon, hound of hell, a witch, a god/goddess, etc.

Dark Magic Society has been serving the kink community for over 9 years and is not associated with Dark Deeds. As Oscar Wilde wrote, "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery". We hold deep respect for and support DMS (Devil's Mask Society) who values consent, acceptance and integrity to our standards.

We are Dark Magic Society, an exclusive private social club dedicated to the pursuit and education of BDSM, Swingers, Fetish and Sex Positive Lifestyles while providing a safe place to socialize. Our foundation is consent and acceptance.

Our unique private events boast a balanced ratio male/female identifying attendees in addition to our GNC folx with numerous staff (DM's) to encourage social interaction between our members. They may discover mutual chemistry and consent if they choose to pursue hedonistic endeavors with zero pressure. Our members come in all ages, sizes, backgrounds, kinks, experience levels, sexual orientations, gender identifications, ethnicities, etc. LGBTQIA+ No hate nor race play allowed. Members can bring multiple guests. 

Our new on-premise, private, 3,000 sqft adult playground has multiple BDSM and swinger stations, suspension points, semi-private areas, and social areas.

Non-alcoholic drinks and snacks are provided. BYOB. Intoxication is not allowed. No illegal substances. 420 friendly. Smoking is allowed in our private smoking lounge.

Dress to impress enforced! Angels and Demons is the theme of the evening so let your imagination go wild! Alternative dress code includes evening attire, fetish, sexy, all black or clothing optional. Street clothing will be rejected! No jeans! Nude is Not lewd! If you are naked, please give other folx 3-5 feet (standing-sitting).

The cover charge is $50 per person. In order to obtain membership, we conduct an in person interview. If you are not currently a member, please contact me to arrange an interview. Tickets are available.

Lifetime membership is $50 per person. Membership card replacement is $40 or free with a picture of your membership card and MUST be obtained 48 hours prior to attending our private events.

Kinky regards,

Robin LaRoux


PS Edge play is allowed after informing a DM.  

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