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8:45am Sat. 8/26 Hike: Escondido Falls Trail, Escondido Canyon Park

"Moderate" difficulty - 3.5 mi. out-and-back trail

Meet at 8:45am (aim to show up earlier, if you know your tendancy is to be late, esp. if you've never been), start hiking promptly at 9am. I will stop checking messages at 8:30a until we pause for a stop along the trail, so please ask questions between now until Friday, 8/25.

Helpful Links: (also scroll to "Additional Info")

Been wanting to get some nature time in but slacking? Hi! My name is Laura and I'm putting together this hike for e/cnm and poly-friendly folks. Note: This is not limited to nor excluding mono or other relationship/lifestyle types. There will be an initial circle for quick intros to include your name, pronouns and name your favorite beach animal (for fun and an ice-breaker). Bring water/hydration and wear upf/spf and/or hats/sunglasses, whatever keeps you cool and protected while having fun, connecting kindly with others.

PARKING: Carpooling is highly encouraged! Paid parking is $12 in a small parking lot or parking is available on the sides of the road, read signs for "no parking" zones. There's free parking along PCH.

BONUS: The second (haha!) person to show up will win a highly-rated bird guide book. Carpooling is encouraged. Feel free to bud folks in the group chat to arrange, if you don't already have a go-to.

Suggested donation: $1 to

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